Thursday, April 23, 2015

The President is duty bound to do everything within his power to ensure that the Rule of Law prevails.

The simple reason that the majority voted for Maithripala Sirisena, was that he promised a return to a period of the Rule of Law. PURE AND SIMPLE.

Why was that? The Majority in the Country were convinced that the Law was NOT being enforced fairly, and they looked forward to a period when we could have recourse to the Law to find relief in law for any grievance that we may have be it Civil or Criminal.

There are many with very short memories, who seem to forget that the Law had become an Ass and we were desperate to change the status quo, and did not know how. Mercifully there was a window of opportunity, called a Presidential Election, and there was a platform of hope, which people took advantage of, and were able to change the status quo, to return to a period of “All are equal under the law” from a period when there were many above the law!

I would challenge any sycophant to say there were NO favorites outside the law under the previous administration. Don’t we remember the days when elected officials were protected by the Govt. from prosecution, and the Police became villains if they so attempted to prosecute, and faced dismissal or transfer to Siberia if they wanted to enforce the Law!

I hope RAJAPAKSE loyalists do not engage in selective amnesia about this period. Despite the minor hiccups, which due to the freedom given to an irresponsible media, sound like major ones, there is an overall sense of progress to a BETTER form of Government. We must value this freedom, and not pooh pooh the great strides we have made in such a short while. The fact that the 100 day program has not kept to time is NOT altogether the fault of the Govt. it is also due to the irascibility of those opposed being highlighted in the press and media, due to their loud and boorish behavior.

We expect a statement of Statesmanship from the President at 9pm tonight, highlighting his commitment to enforcing the rule of law, and that no one is outside the law. He must reiterate to the people that they must get used to State Institutions functioning independently of the Govt. and that people do not have a right to question the fundamental rights enshrined in the present Constitution, except in a Court of Law.

He must remind the people that he was elected on this promise, and that steps that have been taken are in keeping with that promise, no matter what misinformation the members of the previous regime opposed to a change in status quo may try to imply.

There are even people of the previous Govt. who go around saying that the present period is a reversal of progress, when it is anything but, and due to the complete absence of criticism of the previous 10 years people were blissfully unaware of the daily misdeeds of that Government which are only gradually coming to light, and will take a little while for the law to take its course, and the true extent of the crimes reaches the people.

The great strides taken in these 100 days must not be overlooked, as people are comparing with the 10 years of (blind to the people ) misrule, it is a daunting challenge to change the mindset of the people.

Let us not forget human nature when accused of crime is to first deny, and then finger point at the accusers. Therefore don't be fooled by statements that hold NO value in truth, from accused.  

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Anonymous said...

There were political favorites under UNP governments. Much more than under MR rule