Sunday, June 8, 2014

Who says we will NOT cooperate with the Kofi Anan investigative team?

After 3 resolutions at the UNHRC condemning SRI LANKA, it is futile for the Govt. to continue to be uncooperative, as the Investigative team will attempt to come to Sri Lanka shortly. Whilst I understand that it will be headed by the former UN Secretary General, and well respected (as the Govt. will say a lackey of the West) Kofi Anan, refusing entry will be moot! Something that will backfire against SL. Once they arrive refusing to cooperate, and refusing to give immunity to the witnesses who have hitherto been prevented from giving evidence out of fear, will further exacerbate the already tense situation.   

I know the two main Groups within the UPFA that demand the prevention of an investigation on our shores at all costs is the JHU, maintaining wrongly that it is Country Specific and must apply to all countries equally and also wrongly that it should apply to all atrocities committed during the period of the conflict; and the NFF of Wimal Weerawansa who seems with just 2 MPs to get more attention by the Regime than to Rauff Hakeem who has 8, and who is threatening to leave if they are NOT allowed to participate.

In this ironic game, THE SLMC of Hakeem appears to have provided evidence of HR abuses directly to the UNHRC, much to the chagrin of the UPFA partners, but still appear to remain within the Coalition, which is quite an anomalous position. That is no doubt because the President will be hoping for SLMC cooperation in a future election, especially for President, where he is apparently trying to prevent a block vote going against him to one rival candidate.

Added to the UNHRC visit, the new session of the UNHRC will begin in Geneva on June 10th going on till June 27th and is likely to be last one presided upon by Navi Pillay (to the delight I am sure of the administration, who consider her biased due to her ethnicity, a wholly ridiculous position given the oath of office she takes, and the professionalism with which the office is credited with). I understand that her likely replacement will be Jordan’s current UN Ambassador, who is likely to be tougher, a shock to our amateurs in Colombo, as he will relinquish his Country’s position when he represents the UN body in toto. The unyielding position as stated by the new Indian Administration is another spoke that the old tried and tested strategy playing to the gallery, by blaming it on the LTTE Diaspora, will not work any longer. 

Don’t judge me incorrectly, I am  not in favor of all these unseemly interferences from overseas, and abhor the way the Govt. (GOSL) have played their cards on this strategy, all to the cost of Sri Lanka and her reputation, and that is coming from me who is intrinsically opposed to the 13th Amendment in the first place. In short the GOSL has been pussyfooting for 5 years, and lost breathing room.

In short GOSL SHOULD NOT have given heed to the JHU and NFF, and extremists, pointing to the Sinhala Buddhist block vote as the hostage. By doing so, it has strengthened the feeble excuses of the TNA, that will be believed ONLY BECAUSE the of GOSL non-corporation. Even if they are completely wrong in most of their arguments, they seem right due to the GOSL stance.

In short all allegations should have been faced head on as the GOSL have nothing to hide. ONLY if they have something serious to hide will they be procrastinating and refusing to cooperate. Playing to the gallery locally has its limits and they have been reached.

Apart from the SLMC and TNL of the minority parties, there are the Democratic Party and JVP. They have both come out strongly against the continuing culture of HR violations occurring daily in Sri Lanka, so it gives further confirmation of the guilt of the GOSL in its earlier allegations up to May 2009, the period covered by the investigation.

The MR Govt. is just caught between a rock and a hard place and don’t know where it will turn, but it will continue in the same practice of denial, as to do otherwise will let down the gallery who have believed in their reliability intrinsically. When you lie too much and believe them, there is just no getting out of it. Now they have lied so much they even believe their lies and even the sycophants of the GOSL also believe these lies. It has worked wonders electorally for the survival of the GOSL, but they are ALL based on lies!

With no wriggle room, and a silent main opposition, as they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t and so say nothing, the GOSL has ONLY one option, and I believe the best option and only option available to them. Simple. Immediately rescind the 13th Amendment. If you don’t, then the GOSL is only delaying the inevitable as they HAVE NOT implemented the basic provisions of the Constitution and so have no legitimacy in prevarication and procrastination.

Once the 13th is abolished, as the majority of the Country despise it, they must take it further, by devolving powers to all 25 districts equally, and impose a compulsory tri lingual curriculum in schools, permitting people to express themselves in any one of three languages, which at a stroke, removes most of the today’s language related anomalies and discrimination. We can start afresh and history will prove Rajapakse as the person who finally solved ALL the roots of the current crises, as only he with his 2/3 majority can do and will never be possible in the future.

Patently he is misinformed, does not understand a legacy, and bent on destroying Sri Lanka, so he is unlikely so to do.

Simply put - A traitor!           


Anonymous said...

Sri Lanka is party to the UN, and therefore is under obligation to adhere. If they don't accept the UN then just leave!

No one is forcing them. Then see how long Rajapakse survives. Ghadaffi survived only within the UN, outside of it he would NOT have lasted.

So how about it!

Anonymous said...

What hope has a country, when it cannot hold a seminar in Tamil, when Sinhala and English are allowed. It smaks of intolerance.

Hardly surprising that we cannot pretend that we don't have a problem here in Sri Lanka no matter what people within the Country seem to imagine

See the link for the full details.

Anonymous said...

Credentials of the new UN HRC chief

Anonymous said...

LLRC recommendations suddenly become more important thanks to the imminant arrival of the HRC team

Anonymous said...

The link to an article in the Nation of 15 June corroborates the writers points