Saturday, June 21, 2014

There is a serious credibility problem in GOSL statements

It is now quite apparent that no one overseas believes what is issued from a GOSL source, and least of all what is uttered in a Presidential speech or saying! The reason for that is 5 years of saying one thing and doing another has eroded the believability of such proclamations. The GOSL plays deaf to this allegation~!

That being said, there was a time the statements issued by the GOSL were believed by the majority of the public in Sri Lanka, which was what really mattered to the GOSL. Further with a very powerful and directed publicity campaign to stress the believability of these statements, the public took it at face value as that was what they saw and heard time and time again, with little or no contrary opinion.

This unstinting faith in the process where ONLY the GOSL point of view was expressed due mainly to a ban on an opposing view either through self censorship or active participation by the GOSL of buying up the journalists directly with money, or indirectly with threats, and carrots, one opinion only was mouthed, and hence believed. To an audience unable to debate an argument this is fact.

In the advent of social media, what has been said has now proved to be just words, with very little substance to back it up, and even worse deliberate lies. This has suddenly woken up the doddering Neanderthal sycophants into realizing that they have been had. They are quickly trying to find excuses for their insistence on accepting the GOSL side. I concurrently accept extremism and hate explodes here.  

With the complete and forced blackout of news in the printed media, and also TV and radio, it has been left to social media, to take up the cudgel and delve into the facts in depth and come up with reasoned and logical explanations for many of the incidents and we are now in a position of ascertaining what is happening, and who is responsible for what.

The final straw that broke the public’s faith in the GOSL came this week, when the President came to Beruwela and assured the nation, that ALL the people responsible for this mayhem will be arrested and dealt with the full force of the law, and that he would protect all property. Those were the famous last words of the Dictator in Chief hoping for a last gasp of believability. It fell completely flat on his face when the arrested people were bailed out only to be recalled to court in future, and the No Limit store in Panadura torched deliberately, with CCTV evidence, for the GOSL to say it was an electrical fault seen in poor light.

It is now open season for who is the butt of jokes to determine who is the funniest! Tragically the President of Sri Lanka has lost ALL credibility as he cannot utter any words anymore, with a majority NOT believing what he says. Consequently the Government in Sri Lanka has now become a farce.

The public mere spectators to it, and the Country worse for wear! 

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