Monday, June 23, 2014

The issue is settled. The Govt. cannot be believed at any cost – what next?

Can I find anyone in Sri Lanka who believes anything that is said by any spokesman of GOSL, especially from any member of the family? and now even the Media Minister who is the laughing stock and butt end of jokes as the frivolity of his remarks and the stupid things he says, makes any uttering on his part on behalf of the Govt. not something that even gets the media.

Under these situations, it is surprising that the Country actually operates, but as there is a core constituency who does not think (kalpanakranna nathi) they are able to get away with proverbial murder. In the case of the President as he is not even liable to prosecution for murder under our flawed constitution, he can even murder in cold blood and not get prosecuted.

We have to sideline the Govt. from now on, as they are no longer reliable. So who is? Can we turn the Media into thinkers and rationalists from sycophants? At present we cannot rely on the media as they only report what is said, and don’t analyze if there is ANY truth to what is said! In that respect we have to sideline the media until we are able to get a good Newspaper to report as it is, and NOT as the GOSL would wish it to be!

The people are thus fed on courses of lies, and we may have to revert only to Social Media to get some idea of what is happening. In that regard, another dangerous phenomenon results, namely the procreation of lies of a different sort, meant more to enhance a particular idea and in that context there is a high probability of exaggeration and inflammatory proclamations, aimed at destabilizing the equilibrium. We have seen that of late, where extremists have recently taken to the internet, to send messages of hate, and lies to further exacerbate an already delicate situation, where emotions are easily aroused, and irrational actions take hold.

What does all this portend? How can we avoid this calamity? Simple – just get rid of the GOSL. Using this simple logic, before we can even look at the alternatives, where they may be better or worse, we must first remove an administration that cannot be believed. There are no ifs and butts as many people fear the unknown, and prefer the devil we know. If we take that attitude we don’t ever have a chance of getting rid of the devil and have to live with the devil as that is the preferred alternative, as many people in Sri Lanka have profited from this devil worship that they don’t believe that they could ever be harmed.

I hope it is clear to ALL that it is OPEN SEASON. Anyone is fair game, no one is safe. So do what is natural to avoid being hunted, get rid of the HUNTERS.

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Anonymous said...

A very logical analysis as to why this regime is illegitimate.

The approach on how this can be properly understood and the people's choice altered to a more beneficial outcome for Sri Lanka is the challenge.