Sunday, June 22, 2014

Let us re evaluate the believability index of Govt. pronouncements

In my earlier blog entry I tried to bring to the readers’ attention, how far apart pronouncements by the state differ from reality, and the incidence of how it is taken at face value by the masses even though incontrovertible evidence emerges of their being complete figments of someone’s imagination.

Many years have passed since the President’s statement of there being NO minorities in this Country, as all are treated equally. Is there any doubt now that the vast majority of the minority communities in Sri Lanka DO NOT believe a word of that? To add insult to injury he only stated yesterday in a widely reported speech that quoting from our National Anthem, that we are all children of ONE mother!

Tell me who believes that except his core Sinhala Buddhist constituency. It is further ignoble of him to state that he has instructed the Security Forces to strictly enforce the law, and that he will NOT tolerate anyone taking the law into their own hands.

In a Country where there is NO equal application of the Law to all citizens as clearly shown in the past week, these words are merely speech writers’ dreams, and even in delivery, the President for once even SOUNDED insincere. What hope have we of believing anything that is said?

It is IMPORTANT TO RE-ESTABLISH THE RULE OF LAW AND ORDER, nothing more nothing less. The future of Sri Lanka depends on that. We must all have faith that the law applies to us equally, and that Justice is color blind. Until then nothing said or done is meaningful.

Due to the actions of the Security Forces including the Police and STF, the non-Buddhists have NO faith in the Forces. Of the 70% Buddhist Population, gradually many sections have lost faith in this too. The JVP for one. Then the Democratic Party have come out unequivocally on the same belief. Of the UNP there is a large proportion who have also taken that stand as they are NO longer convinced that words are followed by actions that are congruent.

I therefore come to the conclusion that the President NOW only represents or is believed by less than half the community in this Country. It is time his advisers pointed to that fact. Unless he understands that his words NOW SOUND HOLLOW, he will not take corrective action, and merely live in dreamland whilst his motherland just breaks apart in front of him on his watch. TRAGIC HA!        


Anonymous said...

The restoration of the Rule of Law is a sine qua non for sustainable growth. The GOSL is completely misguided if they think otherwise, as seems to be the case at present.

Anonymous said...

MR has just lost his justification to rule. He is now an illegitimate ruler. Another one of the historic list of tin pots that need to be removed

Anonymous said...

Let us for a moment question the sanity of our leaders, who seem to engage in destructive behavior.

Whilst UNHRC team have been refused entry, the UN are now seeking access to investigate the Aluthgama incidents.

Now investors have already deferred or cancelled proposed investments due to the recent instability.

Why are we bent on self destruction?

Where are the people of Sri Lanka? In induced unconsciousness