Friday, June 20, 2014

If what has been reported in the press is accurate then we have a problem!

DBS Jeyaraj, who has recently turned his writing to now being empathetic to the GOSL point of view wrote about a Cabinet meeting yesterday, 19th June 2014, which if true, is a serious admission of failure on the part of the GOSL itself in preserving the unity of the Country, and instead, being instrumental in an inevitable  break-up of the Nation, due to their respective actions. That clearly defines them as traitors, who MUST be held accountable.

If true therefore Rishad Badthuideen is seen as a sponsor of the fundamentalist cause as he has obtained funds from such sources to expand his powerbase, thus the encroachment of the Wild Life Refuges is one example of that. At the same breadth, the President being accused in front of his colleagues by one of his cabinet, that HE must take full responsibility for the mayhem in Aluthgama and Beruwela, and further that he is ONLY the President of the Sinhala people and NOT of all the citizens of Sri Lanka. It is clear from all the evidence gathered so far, that the GOSL only defended the Sinhala interests, and worse were directly involved in the torching of Muslim property with STF assistence.

All the hard evidence to support BOTH contentions is there for all to see, and so we have a failed state, where both parties to an ethnic conflict reside in the same GOVT, which purports and harangues us that they will NOT tolerate such.

This is a VERY serious allegation, which needs to be addressed and the people of Sri Lanka apprised of it, so that the moderate majority tackle both sides head on. The Muslim community MUST tackle the fundamentalist issue in their ranks, if they are NOT to be held responsible for some actions of provocation. At the same time, the state security and encouragement given to BBS and other extremist, dare I say fundamentalist forces, MUST stop forthwith, and the indirect support they achieve from the State MUST stop, and even better publicly neutralized.

Sri Lanka CANNOT afford provocation, as that is simply what all this is from both sides, testing the waters as to how far each can go before they face the wrath of madness, and irrational destruction.

No matter what pontification we engage in, both communities MUST reign in their extremists, as well as the incendiary attitudes in social and other media, that have put fear into ALL communities, and destabilized the equilibrium. WE cannot wash our hands of this as someone else’s issue, and take it as our own and do something.        

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Anonymous said...

Your own language is bombastic making you sound like an extremist. Tone it down and clearly articulate a reasoned fact-based argument instead of hurling insults and buzz words and you can be taken more seriously