Thursday, June 5, 2014

It is time we use Cricketing parlance and logic in our own internal affairs!

My previous blog entries yesterday, were adding my two cents to the controversy over what is right, and what is morally right! in the cricketing incident.

We should now take a leaf out of that controversy, and apply it to our everyday lives and most especially to the National Question, on how we should proceed. So in my opinion, we must also be prepared to accept the same medicine we doled out to our opponents there. Otherwise we would be damned as hypocrites.

As regards the National Question, let us turn to our relationship with India, and the new Government of Narendra Modi. We have been warned time and time again to implement the 13th Amendment. (one that I don’t particularly agree with on a personal level) The Govt. instead of expressing what the National desire for its outright abolition (do away with the PCs at a stroke and go back to square one) have told India that they will implement it and if that was not enough go further calling it 13 Plus! So apply the law now, as the multiple resolutions at the UNHRC have been warnings! Now they mean business.

The delaying tactics so far will not be tolerated any further and we may have to face the consequences of them not being implemented at the earliest opportunity. We then like the bleating English, can’t complain like sheep being taken to slaughter, as that was caused by the very procrastination or lying to the gallery, whichever alternative point of view one holds.

In this lesson, one should either change the rules, (namely the laws to suit us if we don’t like the existing ones) or adhere and uphold the law, as it is now in place. The delaying tactics MUST stop, and decisions, however unpalatable to the ruling coalition must be taken, as being those of keeping the promises.

In Conclusion, it is best to remember that what goes around comes around, and the sooner we resolve the pressing issues with homegrown solutions, the better it is before we are forced into implementing laws or procedures that are NOT of our making. We can’t be foolish like the Media Ministers statements, saying we will not give visas to the visiting delegations, just to excite the local gallery with his famous last words. He is  just a clown. This is serious business.

The time for action is now. Implement the recommendations of the LLRC at least, as they were from appointees of the Govt. and one needs to have the decency to live up to one’s own recommendations before being forced to carry out others’.                 

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