Friday, June 27, 2014

Racism within the Diaspora is rife! That fallout is what we in SL suffer

I have always maintained that the success of the LTTE war was due to two factors, both having its origins abroad. One is the determination of the Defense Secretary after getting a full dose of racism in Southern California, where Sinhala people vilify the Tamils as backers of the LTTE and Tamils vilify the Sinhala as racists of the extreme kind. The other factor was the remittances from overseas by Sri Lankan workers that enabled the Govt. to fund its war, and equip the defense forces with everything they wanted in addition to the assistance given primarily by the US, Pakistan, China and to a lesser extent India. 

Similarly this extremism practiced by the Diaspora, paints a picture that is actually far worse than reality, and this is done for many reasons, one of which it to justify their existence in the host countries.

It has taken a turn for the worse, where the Muslim Diaspora have now also taken up the cudgels previously reserved for the Tamil Diaspora to paint a picture of Sri Lanka that is also far more extreme than the  reality for their personal goals.

The readers can ascertain from my blog, that I abhor racism by any extremist group and therefore am not taking the sides of the BBS and its sponsor the Govt. So when I see Muslim groups painting the Country and not just a few individuals in Govt. with the extremist moniker, I wish to defend Sri Lanka as a nation of moderate people who have lived side by side with all communities, and NOT restricted any community to ghettoes or clusters, except that it is natural that the minority communities live near a Mosque or Church for practical purposes.

The moderate elements within Sri Lanka are working hard to preserve the unity and integrity of the Nation. It is disconcerting when extremist Diaspora groups try to break that, by first damning the people as a whole as they have NO intention of returning by justifying their existence with scurrilous allegations.

The publicity related to this stance by the Diaspora is indeed hurtful to the interests of all Sri Lankans, of all races and therefore is not in the interests of all communities in Sri Lanka. The sooner the Diaspora identify the real culprits and direct their ire at them alone the better, otherwise Diaspora are effectively aliens. 

The Diaspora with very little to gain within Sri Lanka continue to engage in misinformation in their host Countries and the foreign policy so decided in those Host Countries is often detrimental to the interests of ALL Sri Lankans as a whole.

This means the residents in Sri Lanka have to suffer a double whammy of innuendo and allegations that must be fended, disputed, and defended, taking a lot out of the relevant parties which then fail to solve the main events of the day.

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