Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The ICG calls for a change in venue of the Commonwealth Conference from Sri Lanka in its latest report out 20th Nov

The latest report of the International Crisis Group, the busybodies that keep tabs on what is going on in the world today, dated 20th November 2012 in point 16 of the Executive summary call on Commonwealth to change its venue if the GOSL does not carry out its promises!
To the Secretariat and Member States of the Commonwealth:
16.  Insist that the Sri Lankan government take the actions listed in recommendation 14 above, and agree that in the event it fails to do so, the October 2013 Commonwealth heads of government meeting will be moved from Colombo to an alternative location.

The detailed report covering over 40pages also issued on 20th November 2012 is more far reaching with recommendations for each of the stakeholders on what to do in order to achieve the desired (by ICJ) settlement. THE DETAILED REPORT

As usual the GOSL will ignore this, as not warranting even a response and the show will go on regardless, the next crisis awaiting the GOSL being the UNHRC sessions in March 2013.

Further Alan Keenan the ICJ Sri Lanka Project Director and senior analyst has written on CNN about “Time to push back towards Sri Lankan impunity” further reiterates the course of action to be followed in the international sphere.

None of the above bode well for Sri Lanka itself, no matter what stance the GOSL makes. I urge the GOSL to study these three, and make appropriate responses that are constructive, and politely dismissing some of the farfetched claims made in the report, while not trying to hide from some of the real issues that must be tackled if we are to move forward as a country.

The new developments with regard to the abolition of the 13th Amendment, while at the same time including a 19th Amendment to address the minority grievances must be made public and clearly enunciated to the world for all to understand.

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Anonymous said...

excellent post, nicely balanced, and I agree with everything including that there's no chance the multilateral meeting will get moved elsewhere due to a report by an NGO, although given how much SL has invested in promoting the meeting thus far such a threat could go a long way to achieving some of the NGO's objectives.

being professionally familiar with Mr. keenan's work, he has made his living for more than a decade preaching this message, so it's in his interest to hype it as much as possible, else he would lose relevance and possibly his job!