Friday, November 9, 2012

20 out of a 100 Senators in the US are women. None of them film or TV stars!

It is important that we keep in perspective our rabid anti US rhetoric. We must be able to justify our stance lest we be fooled into a false sense of logic. I recommend we start by analyzing in depth how the US electorate voted? Women in the US Senate

It is important for good governance and a mature democracy to have a higher representation of women in all areas of elected office. Sri Lanka MUST make a conscious effort to increase women’s representation in politics. Women do not get into this game as it is seen as dirty and seedy, and only good for low life thugs.

We must change that attitude, and the easiest way to do so is by training and empowering women to go into politics. They are the future of Sri Lanka’s clean politics as it is difficult to see how we can make a sea change in a short time from the current constituents of elected officers, other than by a much greater representation by women.

I sincerely believe it is the responsibility of the two main political parties to make a pledge that they will make plans to select at least 25% women to contest the wards in the local government elections, and in order to do so must now (4 years before the next elections) identify the leaders, and train them in the art of winning the trust of the voters in their areas. Thankfully the new voting system, allows people with less money to contest as they only have to be popular in their local area of say 750 homes, and starting now the identified women can go into each of the 750 homes once every 6 months to build the trust and if she competes against a man can guarantee to win next time. What a contest!

The new ward system attempts to breakdown each area into about 3000 voters or about 750 homes in 3 Grama Niladari divisions. They will then have one elected representative in the local council or Pradeshiya Sabha. In this way we will revert to having one elected person who really represents our area, and who ALL no matter what party affiliation can go to for their immediate needs. Today we do not know who to go to, as there is no direct representative who will take responsibility to look into the particular problem of our local area if we need assistance of an elected official to solve a basic problem.

I hope the political parties see this with a clear future vision as the key to winning the next local government elections. This strategy is the way to go. The party that is first out of the gates will have a head start and it is a strategically shrewd move to gain power, never mind the obvious benefits attached to it. 

There is another interesting statistic of the breakdown of the voters into different categories and that is worth a visit.

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Anonymous said...

I think the point that is keeping more women out of politics is that politicians must be people that are acceptable to the constiuency to represent them. Politicians must be first and foremost RICH, and women are usually not the breadwinners in the family, nor the public face of the family if they inherit wealth. The only way women step forward is if their husband or male household leader has been popped off and hence they come forward. If this is to change, we need to get money out of politics, but this will be very hard to do in a system where individuals have to finance their own electoral campaigns. In the meanwhile, Ms. Hirunika, we're waiting...