Friday, November 23, 2012

It’s the will of the people – stupid! “That is paramount”

Defenders of populist democracies constantly remind one that the will of the people prevails over all else. Therefore if a plebiscite is taken and the overwhelming majority, say two thirds of those who vote, say another minority should be disposed of like in Hitler’s Germany then it is done! Today there is a huge cry for the Parliament to be supreme as it represents the will of the majority of the people!

This is the sort of crap being espoused by a significant number of racist intellectuals in Sri Lanka. They do not have any respect for international law, as they say that they have been formulated to protect Judeo Christian beliefs and therefore does not apply. Look at the Tibet question in China! The Country was annexed by a greedy power, for space to put their people. Now the Tibetans have effectively been subjugated by the majority Chinese into second class citizens in their own homeland, willfully annihilated and no voice other than Judeo Christians.

Many Sinhala Sri Lankans have a huge minority complex that is possibly worse than the minorities themselves. This is possibly because of the potential threat that India poses with both being a huge superpower in the region and their constant interference in the affairs of Sri Lanka, when they see it politically astute for their home consumption. Sri Lanka therefore is at the receiving end of this combustion.

The Sinhala people act like they know how a minority feels in their minority complex, but fail to realize how little they know of their own neighbors. Minorities wherever they are, be they Sinhala people in Britain or the Tamils in Sri Lanka do whatever they can to preserve their culture and protect their territory from threats around them. It is just human nature. We in Sri Lanka seem to have taken that threat to an extreme where we have overreacted and then given these people the chance they have been looking for in the international eyes to ask for the Sun…….

In Sri Lanka the minority today has extended to the “are you with us or you are a terrorist sympathizer motto!” This means that if you do not subscribe to one person’s ideology that has been stamped indelibly, you are automatically an enemy of the state, even if the enemy of the state can be proved to be the mistaken majority view, due to undue influence and being misled or a clever exercise in duplicity.

We therefore come back full circle to the will of the people that is paramount. What do you say? If the will of the people is wrong because they are delusional, then do you say tough luck chum, they are just out to kill or maim you and you can do nothing about it. You have NO ONE to protect you. You cannot resort to the law, the ultimate arbiter, the Supreme Court of the will of the people have spoken.

You may gloat over the expression "let the majority prevail" until you are in the minority without you realizing it, and then know "there is no one who can save you."


Anonymous said...

Consider the situation; to form a majority one needs the consent of a minority party, which will then yield influence over and above its representation.

Then would you say they hold undue influence as a minority over and above their electorate?

Fortunately in Sri Lanka it is a number of minorities that make up the coalition govt. and therefore any single party's influence is limited in Govt.

It is this minority if large enough, that the majority fear and therefore show their minority complex, whilst the smaller party shows their majoritarian tendencies and incurs the wrath of the larger member of the coalition, when asking for unreasonable concessions for support.

Anonymous said...

A very important point that our greedy elite seem to forget is the necessary minority rights in a civil society or democracy.

Unfortunately, Sri Lanka for the next 10 years has little future for any advancement due to incompetent and corrupt political leadership.

I advise anyone with skills/ambition to move abroad as the prospects are much better. and PLEASE don't send any money back to SL as your remittances are propping up a corrupt and tyrannical regime supported by a foolish/racist electorate/elite

Anonymous said...

i think the parliamentary democracy is a gamble to protect citizens' rights due to the high degree of power the parliament has to change laws without much separate of powers. It's true minority parties often tend to be king makers in SL which leads the majority to resent the minorities and facilitating their complex.

the best solution is to have a set of rights for all citizens which cannot be altered by the parliament and to rid the country of ethnic/religious based parties once and for all to develop a greater sense of Sri Lankan community rather than more ethnic division. Get rid of the TNA, SLMC, etc. and create parties based on political issues NOT race!!