Monday, November 19, 2012

In the US – Susan Rice for Secretary of State and a Republican for Defence!

The two names most bandied about is Susan Rice for Secretary of State and even John Kerry. The latter however will have to forego his Senate Seat in Massachusettes and step down from senior positions such as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He is also named as a possible Defense Secretary.

My pick would be Susan Rice for Sec of State and a Republican Congressman for Defense to pacify the Republicans and get some important bills passed in the House! After all Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee will have to clear up the David Patraeus affair, and putting a Republican in Defense, much in the way Clinton did is good politics.

Rice promotion would help in Susan Power’s elevation to UN Ambassador a Cabinet post, which she can use as the bully pulpit for Obama causes such as HR in the world, and ideas that Power is committed to and determined to make her mark. All these changes should be done sooner rather than later, so that come the day of Inauguration on Jan 20th these announcements are in place, as it may take some time for the confirmation hearings if Congress wishes to delay that.

Ironically Condi Rice (no relation) was also a Sec of State under GW Bush, but now she is a Stanford Professor, though she is not an Alumni, which Susan Rice is. It is time that Rice and not Wheat rules the world and it seems so these days, thanks to prominent African Americans. The US has matured with a Black two term President, despite the overt racism by some, and now Black Foreign Ministers, and female at that, which will be hard for the rest of the world to easily criticize.

Despite the criticism of the US by many in Government from Sri Lanka it is increasingly obvious the criticism falls on deaf years as the people who are doing the criticizing are in a worse position from which to tell others about right and wrong.

I believe a formidable team of Obama, Rice and Power will be able to put a lot more pressure on Israel to come to a settlement, and as they are about to take some bellicose actions that are bound to ricochet on their face, it will be up to a new team at the White House to call the shots and bring Netanyahu to book for another diplomatic and therefore blunder for the State of Israel, that the Obama administration will be hard pressed to defend for the umpteenth time.


Anonymous said...

as much as i would like to see the former black woman secretary of state dr. rice erased from history by a new black woman secretary of state dr. rice, i don't think the new rice, or the old one, is intellectually or tempermentally qualified for the position. if you watch the new dr. rice speak on issues, she is amateurish and uses bellicose words in the same way as the old dr. rice. i consider the old and new dr. rices to be social climbers akin to general petraeus mistress paula broadwell and honorary consul of korea to tampa jill kelley, while not drs. themselves both married to ones!

Anonymous said...

ironically both rices went on tv and bold faced lied to the American public about national security issues -- and then looked to get promoted!! what a disaster they are for America. thanks to affirmative action for the opportunities!!! ha!

Anonymous said...

as you have stated on your other blogs many times, red rice is the new craze!