Thursday, November 22, 2012 MUST BE accessible to ALL – so what is the problem?

Currently is like all things bureaucratic in Sri Lanka, a closed shop without a broader reach. Nenasa is TV that is beamed to about 1000 schools by Dialog TV, who supplied ONE TV each and the link to each of the schools and is expected to increase it by 500 more in 2013.

I have two issues. Why can’t this project be expanded to all schools, or at least the majority of schools? The second point is why can’t it be put into the basic programming of Dialog TV, so that those subscribing to Dialog TV will have access in a similar manner that the GCE O level study/learning modules are now accessible to those who subscribe to Dialog TV?

I believe this learning tool is the future, and now that SL has the latest technology islandwide, already established the minor costs in my proposal will more than pay off in a short term.

The National Institute of Education in collaboration with Dialog is broadcasting the teaching modules on Nenasa from an auditorium in the NIE offices, using high quality educators, to get the specific project/subject information to the students in schools nationwide.

Whilst the school curricula need constant revision and updating, something that does not take place as frequently as it should, similarly the nenasa teaching modules need constant refinement as it is currently more in the groundbreaking stage and has a long way to go to maturity. However it is a good start, and results are that there are some relevant topics common to all, but one has to determine the scope. Actually the program schedule needs a lot more refinement once they can broadcast multiple channels at the same time with a proper TV guide on the Internet, where the specific subjects and times and levels can be transmitted over say 10 channels concurrently and in three languages, so that the necessary school, class and level can have access their particular subject.

I know much of what I am expressing is a wish list, but it is only the extension of the technology now available and in use. I believe strongly that it should be beamed to the homes, as there are many parents who through no fault of their own did not have access to these learning tools when they were going to school and who could benefit from the increase in knowledge base that these distance learning and electronic delivery methods can provide. So please allow all access through DIALOG TV and both Dialog, the students of all ages can benefit immensely. 


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