Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The boy is in school. His first day in classes was November 5th – a postscript

A few days earlier I blogged about getting a kid into school and went through some of the steps I had as an experience to take get him in. Subsequent to that day, his mother took him to school on Friday as the Principal had requested and was told to begin classes on the following Monday, that was yesterday.

As a parental contribution, she was asked to donate 6 bags of cement for an ongoing school project, I am not sure if it is a new classroom or what but a donation in kind such as this appears to be in the overall interest of the school, which gets precious little in the way of funds for building, repairs, maintenance and upkeep, leaving it to the parents to contribute in whatever means possible on behalf of their prized offspring.

Me not having kids was astounded as to how expensive the shorts, shirt and shoes is to send a child to school, and the mother has to get another pair of shorts tailored from the State provided cloth that she had with her.

The mother herself only has one sari to call her own, which she wore on all three occasions she went to the school in the past week, and so I gave her a sari and told her to have a sari blouse tailored.

This will be an experience in knowing the how the school system works, what kids have to do and what is expected of parents. Also the gossip, back biting and competitive pressure on parents and kids will be a source for my blog in future months, when I have a story that needs to be told.

The mother has to take the kid to school, walking the approx 1KM and then picking him up at 12noon as First and Second grade classes finish at that time. She has added work to wake up early, prepare his breakfast and get him ready for school.

I was told his first day was good and the boy enjoys his new school. Let us fervently hope it stays that way. He was given a list of things to get, books for class but that was all.

Considering the hyper active nature of the kid when he came three months ago, I am glad to report that the stay here, has calmed him down, and hope his mother who earlier could not control him, will now be able to instill some discipline as regards his waking, studying and sleeping times.

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