Saturday, November 17, 2012

The escalating crisis within Palestine – the possibility of an imminent Israeli invasion of Gaza

Israel who has the largest Army in the world as a percentage of its population, when one includes the Reservists, has now called up everyone to be mobilized. The thinking is that it is for a short sharp invasion of the Gaza strip, to rid the Gaza of all the troublesome elements. After all, Israeli intelligence, that is not second to any with at least 10,000 Israeli spies, that are of Palestinian Arab decent within Gaza, have supplied all the data on who and who is not, so that all those Hamas who are tasked with sending rockets to Israel are targeted for assassination.

Those tasked with sending rockets includes the baker who supplies bread to the people who build the rocket and even the little child who goes to the store to get a packet of fags for another who is involved in the plan! The Israelis show NO mercy to those they perceive are a threat to their security, and will always target them no matter what. Sadly there is one “SERIOUS MISCALCULATION IN ISRAELI POLICY” some say it is deliberate though!

What is that? It is simply that this method of Israeli retaliation will stop or prevent further excesses by Palestinian Arabs against the Israeli State. This miscalculation is at the heart of the present problem in the Middle East. While Israel maintains it values an Israeli life for at least 100 Palestinian, in their retaliation stakes, it simply works against the Israeli dictum as the Palestinians have the numbers and multiply even at a faster rate than Jews to negate any numerical annihilation they attempt.

After all the Gaza, if anyone who has been there will vouch is a tiny sliver of land that is one of the most overpopulated places on earth. Losing a few thousand to Israeli massacres is part of their formula. Hamas will actually look forward to an invasion, as they have already amassed their propaganda stories to capitalize on this affront to international law. The Israelis will invade they will kill as many militants as they have been informed of by the informants in Gaza, the world will condemn the action, the UN will have a resolution, the US will veto it, the Arab world will do NOTHING in the end to help these Palestinians, and within 6 months the furor will die down and it will back to business.

The Israelis believe killing 10,000 Gazans will reduce the population boom for a few days, the Gazans will be relieved they were able to also reduce the population pressure and at the same time get public opinion yet again against Israel, and they will be able to get more aid to rebuild and keep their unemployed people (50%) at work in rebuilding the bombed out buildings with UN aid.
It is a game that goes round and round in circles. This focuses the world attention on the Palestinian issue, with empty gestures by world leaders, who need some international conflagration to keep the people’s minds occupied, lest the more urgent domestic tasks at hand get a hearing and their popularity dips!

The cynical world leaders love to get on the bully pulpit and castigate Israel for their action, so they are seen as doing something about it, while in reality, innocent long suffering Gazans have NO relief from the daily grind and suffering living in an oppressive strip of land not too different to the strip that the Tamils emerged out of following the Nandikadal Lagoon crossing from Mullaitivu, at the end of the LTTE conflict. The Gazans have had to endure 70 years there not a few months, of which population, 99% were born into this slum, and know nothing, but that their country has been stolen from them by settlers from other lands.

When will this conflict end? It will only end when the Palestinians can improve their quality of life from that of being mere beggars of UN assistance to that similar to the Israelis. It is the duty of the world (UN and USA) to intervene to force Israel to return to their 1967 borders and then guarantee security to the remaining Israeli state. Until that happens we are merely dreaming of peace. We must face facts that it is only the US that can impose this settlement, and further it is only Obama who can and now has the opportunity to force it.

He may risk being assassinated by the Israelis for it, but it is worth a risk to ensure that the most troubling world issue that impinges on the security of the world is solved. Surely if one can achieve that, it is even worth being assassinated for, as it will reinforce that Israel can never force a dogma that only about 4 million people believe in, hold the world of 7Billion people to ransom.

Any God that one believes in will reward this enforced peace, as the only possible solution to a problem that will not go away, and does not seem that anyone really wants it to go away, as so many people benefit from this. It is only a sitting US President, in his second term who can force a settlement upon a reluctant Israeli Government and people, with a compliant Jewish Lobby who is given an ultimatum that there is no other choice. The impending Iranian Invasion if it takes place will be further grounds to force the acquiescence of the Jewish Lobby.

There are too many threats to world peace and security and the economic prosperity of newly emerging nations, that this cancer of the Palestinian conflict must be once and for all solved. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians want a solution. So it is up to only the United States so to do by sheer force. 


Anonymous said...

Israel's intelligence agency Shin Bet said that they had killed the Hamas senior commander, Ahmed Al-Jabari in a direct missile attack on his car.

So if Shin Bet has direct access to Missiles with pin point accuracy no telling what they can do sitting at lap tops giving precise coordinates

Remember the actual coordinates were given by the Palestinians working for Shin Bet at the place of the killing. That is how they operate.

Anonymous said...

There is a vote in the UN for a Palestinian state. It is high time this is granted. It is a disgrace to humanity that a whole people have had to suffer for so long due to the intransigence of the USA with a veto.

I hope this time the President will pass it and give these people long overdue legitimacy

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