Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The paranoia of Sri Lanka – another example of island mentality!

The Chinese woman seen helping a disabled man sell his produce!

Recently a post went viral on Social Media pointing out that a Chinese woman was seeing selling produce in a street market in Sri Lanka, questioning her rights to sell, saying why are foreigners allowed to sell in Sri Lanka, as in now they have even taken over our retail trade!

Now there are Sri Lankans of Chinese origin and many are my friends. So how could a post like that draw so much attention? Is it that Sri Lankans are ignorant about the history of Chinese coming to Sri Lanka hundreds of years ago, and even stories of Chinese invasions of Sri Lanka.

It goes to the bottom of their ignorance, a warped education system that has built a fear complex of being overwhelmed. Why? We are a land of immigrants, a fact that 90% of Sri Lankans will deny as again it is a warped sense of history full of mythology that people believe.

Now it is has come to light that the facts are that she was astutely helping a disabled person to get more sales in his stall, and she was not selling anything for her benefit. Who will believe those facts?

In fact knowing Sri Lankans who believed the initial story, I would hazard a guess to say that over 50% will say the Daily Mirror article about her helping a disabled man is fake news and that the original news item that went viral was in fact true.

When you live in a society of this nature, you can imagine the frustration in getting intelligent people to see sense. Now you can imagine why this country continues to elect corrupt politicians to be in charge of the people’s finances!

I continue to state that it is all in the way we are taught. When born we are no different to any nationality, we can be as advanced as any country we care to point a finger to. However in time we become regressive in our thinking due to the warped education system that does not teach people to be inquiring and skeptical in their thinking and not accept anything at face value until they are able to evaluate for themselves the likelihood of what they are reading. A certain sense of being able to come to their own conclusions.

We still have not learned to decipher news, from the sources that report it and the credibility of the reporter or the organization reporting – Aiyo Sri Lanka


Anonymous said...

Sri Lankans don't appreciate when people are actually working

It is this jealousy against the work ethic that is at the heart of the crisis. Look at government service. How much hate is directed to people who are conscientious by those who want to pass the time gossiping, drinking tea, reading the paper and taking breaks!

Anonymous said...

You are correct, Paranoia is part of Island Mentality thinking, and this is a manifestation of that paranoia, to come to the wrong conclusions.

Imagine how many wrong conclusions people in Sri Lanka must be coming to on a daily basis without questioning! It is a crime that people think that way, as there is no hope for a failed state with such mentality

Anonymous said...

Yes. Our education system teaches us to unquestionably accept and parrot whatever an "authoritative" sources tells us; a teacher, a religious text, a minister, whoever, whatever.