Friday, June 3, 2011

Who is behind this sinister plot to crush the JVP?

It appears to me from the recent incidents that took place in the last three days that illegal state sponsored terrorists are at work, effectively making the state a failed state!

I am no JVP and in fact a strong advocate of the free market with a strong Legal system properly enforced by an Independant Police force backed by an Independant Judiciary so that most of our current ills will correct themselves and will lead to a civilized and prosperous nation for all to live in.

Having said all that I just want to give my version of the recent events as I see them and ask again who conducting the orchestra remotely, and if it is not the ruling family firmly behind this who is?

There was news that the JVP had organized a protest at the Katunayake FTZ against the proposed pensions bill. So an order came from ??? not to use well trained riot police, but get a substantial number of policemen (300) from various stations instead, arm some with real bullets, not rubber bullets, give them not batons but iron bars (as we saw clearly on TV) and when the protests begin meet the hail of rocks with the charge of the light brigade which we all witnessed on TV. This charge meant that many innocent bystanders were also beaten up badly and wounded, as well as marches who got shot with real bullets and some police even went inside the factories and physically assaulted workers, some protestors, others who just happened to be in the factory and also destroyed some equipment inside the factories.

Those caught hiding inside factories were beaten pulled out and marched between police lines where the police continued to beat them senseless during this march. Some of those hospitalized said that while injured, and even after saying they were badly injured they were all dumped in the middle sorrounded by police and beaten with the iron rods.

Further the vehicle carrying the injured boy who lost his life, was also smashed while on its way to hospital transporting this boy, which may have contributed to his death as this delay is sure to have increased the loss of blood which was a main reason for his death. A question is also asked in the press this morning, as to how a bullet that entered his leg exited from his abdomen, implying he was on the ground when he was shot!! all of which should be explained fully in the one man Presidential Enquiry.

Who ordered live bullets? who ordered iron bars? why were trained riot police not used? and why was water cannon not brought in?

It is also surprising that no Employer of the FTZ has come out to protest, which I can only presume to be the govt. has bought their silence by implying that 'if you go against us we will find a means to make it difficult for you', fear psychosis!

Yesterday having wind of another JVP led protest at Lipton Circus against this killing, now that the police have been villified this same ???? organized 10 buses of goons with sticks clearly seen in today's papers ostensibly to beat up this JVP protest.

Why were these bus loads of clearly pumped up goons, who were probably given arrack and money as well as the long 5ft sticks(the usual method of drawing in goons in Sri Lanka) not arrested on alighting? They clearly were disturbing the peace, they were creating a traffic snarl, and they were carrying what can be construed as a weapon in large numbers, which under the current emergency legislation is an offence. NOT ONE PERSON WAS ARRESTED

The Law is not being enforced because someone higher up Mr???? authorized it. Now my friends please tell me who this Mr ??????? is. Any guesses.



Anonymous said...

your blog is becoming too negative. i would appreciate more balance as you had in your previous writings.

Anonymous said...

Who is this stupid anonymous poster with his last comment.

There are people with Sticks and Rods threatening people in my neighborhood.

Where are the police!!!

I am outraged!!!

Anonymous said...

This is shocking.

Are you saying the police came armed with iron bars and live bullets?

Does this mean that the violence was planned?

Why is the media not reporting this?

Anonymous said...

Duminda Silva's and Thilanga Sumithipala's (MPs in he govt. side)hired thugs came in buses to Colombo 7 with 5ft sticks on Thursday June 2nd to beat up the JVP march in memory of the dead FTZ worker.

Mericifully the JVP march finished before it got to where they were and saved the counrtry from a huge image problem as well as possible injury or death.

Who is in charge? Over to you Mr President, are you with or against us patriots seeking justice where injustice prevails?

Anonymous said...

What I heard was that the boy who was killed, was one watching the removal of Mahinda's sarong on the enormous cutout. This was filmed by the secret police. The Police then came in search of him and targeted him and shot him. Then then attacked the vehicle that took him to hospital.

He would most likely have survived if the vehicle was not attacked as it was mainly a case of loss of too much blood. It is not the police but those rulers who gave orders to the police who are culpable of first degree murder as he was targeted specifically.

Anonymous said...

As the good old astrolager said to MR your time till June 6th is bad, is this his Waterloo?