Tuesday, June 14, 2016

THE SYSTEM OF OPEN PAPERS MUST BE MADE ILLEGAL - SL the only Country where traffic CCTV does not solve anything!

It is simply unacceptable in a Country that claims to have good Policing and Security measures to prevent terrorism and the like, to permit this OPEN PAPERS system, where a vehicle is not properly registered to the owner, or at least via a leasing company to the lessee who could then be identified as the person in whose charge the vehicle is operated.

In Countries such as the UK, an automatic speeding ticket is generated along with a picture of the car, license and time and place and speed at which the vehicle was going, for the operator to pay the fine or face the consequences. It is up to the owner to determine who was at the wheel at the time, and ensure the fine was paid, otherwise the owners own License will have the requisite points added to it, and affect not only his insurance premium in future, but also his ability to drive if the number of points rises goes over a number.

When a news item such as that in the link above is highlighted, there is NO follow-up, to see how that issue can be resolved, as there is NO ONE willing to take responsibility. In this case it is up to the IGP to make representations to the Transport Minister that he is unable to prosecute errant motorists caught on CCTV, as ownership of the said vehicle cannot be established with any certainty.

The Minister should then take the necessary steps to resolve this matter, using his officers, and proceed with a change in either the law, or in the insistence by the DMV to record the operator of each vehicle at the time any vehicle is licensed annually as that is the most practical point at which the latest information can be updated as to owner/operator of the vehicle.

There is simply NO POINT wasting time putting up CCTVs if one cannot use them for the purposes intended. This goes to the heart of the Sri Lankan disease, namely nothing is done to achieve an objective, that will eventually benefit the people in Sri Lanka. Therein we have lost the plot, and the whole game of Government.

It appears to me that NO ONE is suggesting a prompt solution to this problem and the loser is the general public, whose interests, both Law Enforcement and Elected Officials have pledged to serve!!

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