Thursday, June 9, 2016

Elephants don’t have a vote that’s why they are fair GAME!

In the popularity stakes, politicians seek favor and admiration, from anyone who cares to give it. That is why they spend most of their time with people, and not on their job. They mistakenly believe their job is to be with the people. So they open this and that, give rousing speeches, and get upset, and mad sometimes when their name is NOT on a plaque!

In fact very few actually work hard at their job, and fewer still know what their job is. So when it comes to making decisions on behalf of the Country, they mistake that to be on behalf of their Constituency, and when I mean constituency, I mean their close political followers, hangers on, confidants and associates who have helped them.

So the conflict rises a few octaves, when you have the DG of Wildlife Conservation, whose job it is to enforce the Flora and Fauna Act, is actually on the side of animals, AND NOT HUMANS. Technically in his role, he sees humans as the problem NOT the solution! So you have a situation that is bound to cause tension, as often the Human Agenda, may differ from the animal agenda. The animal centric goal, becomes  less human friendly when emphasis of the need for wild animals to be protected and permitted to live with a certain degree of freedom, in a world that insists on a better deal for them with animal welfare laws, CITES.

Politically, it is difficult for leaders to have the courage of their convictions, to defend an animal and against their supporters! Even if they know they are wrong. A few years ago, the Jeep Driver Lobby ruled Yala National Park, and the animals suffered terribly. The DWLC was paralyzed. The Driver Lobby did not care, as they were not long term thinkers. They did not realize that it was in their best interest to ensure a balanced approach, so both can co-exist, they in their pursuit for short term gain of filling their pockets, had no issue about racing inside, road kill, using mobile phones to harass leopard, by having an animal surrounded by Jeeps within minutes of one being sighted.

The time has come in the long term interests NOT just of conservation, but also of preservation of a livable environment for the future generation, to strictly enforce the Law. To that end short term needs of personal individuals will have to be denied, for the greater good of society. The gatekeepers of the LAW must be protected by the LAW, and NO politician be permitted to override this law for mistaken loyalties to constituencies with self interest being paramount. 

If the precedent can be set by the President, then others are more likely to adhere to it.


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Ceylon Today 15th June 2016

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