Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oh what an achcharu! The people are being sent on a ride to oblivion!

The media follows their agenda, sans investigative journalism. Its against personalities and their misdeeds, and their defence, with little information of public interest or in the public interest. Due to the poor ability of the readership, to select the fluff from the factual, leads to myths and falsettos in our heads.

The politicians on both sides of the line, wine and dine together at the Embassy parties at night and when sober, play to the gallery, and present a lopsided view of the world. The public is confused from diametrically opposed viewpoints.

The reality is of course even more out of a horror movie, as their children suddenly find that their education is useless, and everyone is trying to go behind a politician to correct the mistake, by getting their unqualified offspring through the back door, at a great disservice to his position and the people who he will serve in his Govt. JOB!

The quality of public transport is getting worse each day despite the Govt. painting a rosy picture of the future of Light Rail, criss crossing Colombo at speed solving all these issues. That is of little consequence for the next 10 years.

The quality of public servants is worsening as they are getting later to work, citing traffic, inconveniencing the public further, and NO ONE to pull them up, as supervisors are powerless to reprimand political stooges.

The OPD is full, and the patient is sent to a private clinic for tests and channeling which has raised their charges by more than even the VAT of 15%, an unbearable burden on the poorest sections who now cannot even afford the tests.

The price of food has risen, it is blamed on the weather, but the VAT has hit the small trader also and he is trying to increase his prices. Another belt tightening.

The price of mobile usage is another relevant and expensive cost increase that has added to the people’s woes.

The price of other consumables have also risen due to VAT increases and so all in all, the circumstances of improving one’s lifestyle, are not clear. It is now ONLY incumbent on the Govt. to take the bull by the horns, understand the problem faced by the people, address the misconceptions created and be brave enough to admit to failures and set procedures in place to prevent further delays in decision making.  

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