Wednesday, June 29, 2016

See how the EU and we are on the same issue, and we are all doing the same thing, but without reference to what the others are!


As I write, the Eurocrats in Brussels are busily engaged in discussing if ROUND UP should be allowed, as the permission to use this weedicide expires in the EU at the end of the month. Today, this is more important to them than the BREXIT repercussions, as that is how the EU functions, regulating everything they do, and either giving permission, or banning, and this interference in the everyday lives of the people, is what drove most of the Britons to BREXIT, small wonder then!

So in Sri Lanka, when Glyphosate was banned, our typical enterprising businessmen, decided to import an even more serious substitute, which if the EU rule book was checked first before we banned it, we could have learned how to encompass, the “LIKE GLYPHOSATE” ALSO in the ban instead of having to go over this charade again.

This is a typical international problem, that SHOULD HAVE had an international solution, via the UN, so that we in SL or they in the EU don’t have to face this contentious issue of forever deciding which is poison, and which is not, and which is harmful enough, but not enough to ban it as another interested party will lose out. For crying out loud, if we did not have this product in the first place we would not need to be discussing banning it.

The whole point of the WHO is to ban items internationally that KILL PEOPLE. So if they can ban NUCLEAR, or CHEMICAL WEAPONS, why cant they ban ROUND UP, if it is a KNOWN KILLER OF HUMAN BEINGS.

We are still living in a world, that people make far too much money from making things that kill people, and who are too powerful to stop. We have to have the courage of our convictions to stop them. Whether that means the POPPLY fields in Afghanistan, or the Tobacco Industry, or the AGRO CHEMICAL Giants, we have to have a common denominator, that places them under the same BANNED ACTIVITY. 

Until this world gets to that BASIC PRINCIPLE, the loopholes just keeps getting exploited and the Bureaucrats of Europe or the same in SL are merely COGS IN A WHEEL.

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