Friday, June 24, 2016

Feeling sorry for the crowd! “Its called CLAUSTROPHOBIA” so BREXIT


I am seated at my desk in the middle of the Forest with no human habitation, and no electricity here either, with the sounds of the forest, and water coming down the anicut from the Tank (Lake) in front of me, to feed the paddy (rice) fields in the village.

I wrote my previous blog entry before the BREXIT polls opened, in such surroundings, exhorting the British to vote to remain. I write this after the polls closed, and awaiting the results.

It is easy given my smug position, to pontificate in this place, with the forest as far at the eyes can see! 90% of the British population of 65Million souls, live in about 20% of the land in Cities and towns, and even in villages which are very compact. The rest of the Country consists of vast Country estates with mansions, farmland, forest and reserves, and other protected areas such as green belt parkland.

It is NO wonder that the people are squeezed into overcrowded areas, and flats, with endless traffic where ever you go, and unseen CCTV cameras following your and your car’s every move! Many people living in the UK must feel highly agitated, and stressed, looking at ways to relieve their stress, and blame someone else for their problems, they have created. So it is easy to blame the threat of immigrants, and blame the EU for immigrants and SO GO BREXIT!

I guess if I was in the UK, and someone shouted we have too many people, and we cant take anymore, and say it is due to EU, I may also tend to believe if I am in a claustrophobic state of mind. So it is a MIND GAME the BREXIT camp are playing with, which is seriously shameful.  

Frankly the British should NOT blame the EU if they can’t control their own borders, and the UK is the only EU Country that has such strict border controls at entrance already! The only method of ensuring legitimacy is having a fool proof identity card, that other countries have, for all residents, and pack off all those who don’t have one to a cell in Scotland, without heating, prior to them being deported to the Falklands, where their claim can be processed, like the Australians who send the Boat People to deserted Nauru, after they mined it out of Phosphate!

This is the only sure way to reduce the magnet of immigrants to the UK, and the EU citizens who have automatic rights of residence in any case would have to provide for themselves, and in most cases are unlikely to just come for a freebie, except in exceptional circumstances, which the media like to highlight for their fame!

BREXITIERS are blaming the wrong people, and it is NOT EU membership, that is at the heart of the problem, it is the UK systems of identifying its population, over which it has little control at present. SO it is clear that BREXIT will NOT solve any of the real problems, going from the frying pan into the fire.

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