Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT – It’s Claustrophobia, that resulted in self-flagellation, and sadomasochistic behavior. It’s just a psychological problem stupid!

KNOWING, the pound and the stock market will crash, the foreign holidays will become more problematic, retiring in Spain will be prohibitive, the value of the pension pot will be decimated, and their economy will head South, a section of the English (idiots- for want of any closer meaning) decided that it was worth the price of INDEPENDENCE from rules and dictats from Eureaucrats.

I know how much Europe BENT the rules to prevent them from defecting. They even permitted the PINT and POUND for Gods Sake! That was NO enough for the voters of claustrophobic England, who had visions of Turks under the bed coming up to strangle them in their sleep, and take their house and home!

Sadly it is the end of the English people as we have known who once upon a time ruled the world, and who have finally retreated into their shell, from which they can no longer emerge, in their self imposed prison.

Boy am I not glad I don’t have to be in the midst of the 17.5M idiots who think that way! I am sorry to learn that these masochists want to suffer and suffer they will, for their own stupidity, and idiocy, if they think that leaders like FARAGE, the English version of the TRUMP, is to guide their destiny.

This mental discombobulating, happens when people lose their sense of purpose, then they lose their way, and direction in life, who are frightened by rhetoric and HOODOO no better than VOODOO

When they finally awaken from their dream, and face reality, there will be no one there to greet them, meet them or speak to them. They will be mere insignificant PARIAHs of yore, wallowing in self pity, blaming everything and anyone but themselves for their predicament, and realizing there is NO ONE even to listen anymore to their lament.

All I will say is you have to wollow in your own shit to realize your fate.

With Scotland gone, to the Euro and Europe, and Northern Ireland likewise to the Irish, little Wales will fight for their Nation and Europe once the subsidies sound tantalizing, and the English become a nuisance with nowhere else to go, without crossing an unfriendly border!

England will remain with a cricket team, soulless, lifeless, jobless, friendless, and finally Queenless, when she moves to Balmoral, to see out her days! Bonnie Prince Charlie, will talk to his plants, who will say his Highgrove should join with Wales, leaving William King of England with a "Commonwealth Dream!" with no takers. 


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