Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why are we even having a public spat on this? Tamil / Sinhala Marriage

Since the beginning of time, despite Community pressure, whenever love intervened, there was marriage, with or without family blessings. It is a personal thing, and left to two people who make the decision, lets hope weighing all the pros and cons as THEY see fit.

There is NO hard evidence that they were more or less successful than marriage within one’s community, and so we will leave it to the relationship proper, to see if it either works out or not. Actually this is really not very different for inter religious marriages either, though some religions make it very difficult and make couples outcasts from the community if this happens.

Tolerance MUST be the name of the game, and worldwide we see this more amongst more educated people as opposed to less, and that maybe more due to inbuilt prejudices that education surmounts as being absurd.

The moral of that is when one is more educated one is less intolerant of people of other races and religions, and one knows how one can compromise and balance life in an inter-racial or inter-religious marriage.

So chief Minister Wigneswaran’s outburst of disapproval despite his own offspring resorting to interracial marriage, was probably based more on a marriage of unequals or so he thought the Governor’s patronizing way of ending racial divide.

We must not forget that Mr 50:50 himself, GG Ponnambalam’s first wife was French, as he had lived in Europe for sometime, and thought it fit to marry there! It is not new, today’s youth are even less inclined to follow tradition as the world of the internet is devoid of color and religion, for most of the time, and the Chief Minister’s admonishment does not amount to a hill of beans to the audience of Scouts who had come for the Jamboree, that he was addressing in the presence of the President.

In my view it is not up to two old cronies to tell the youth what they should do. They will make the best choices in time, and much of the racial disharmony we face today, is due in part to the old jokers of a bygone age, still trying to influence thinking and brainwashing their own following, but who have NO traction at all with the youth who just look at them as ripe for Madam Tussauds, in their fancy dress outfits, which none of the youth will contemplate wearing.



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Anonymous said...

the youth of today recognize that they will live completely differently than their ancestors of the past 2000 years. for better and worse.