Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Constitution – provision for future inevitables, not past histrionics!

As referred to in my previous blog entry, the only matters necessary for satisfaction of life from which every other form of happiness emanates is being able to have access to clean water, to breather clean air, and eat food devoid of pollutants. These are the core TRINITY that youth know is essential, and realize that the generation ahead of them have in their haste for personal greed, and division, forgotten, and hence have done everything possible to POLLUTE!

The debate should be how this fundamental human right is enshrined in the Constitution to hover above all else. Freedom of thought, expression, and beliefs all amount to a hill of beans if this is not guaranteed, as we are on a slippery slope to self destruction, unsure if at the current rate of destruction, we will survive at all.

In similar fashion, we must try and predict future problems of National Importance that could divide the nation, and make appropriate guidelines to deal with them within the Constitution, rather than leave it to political grandstanding as in the past to hold the country to ransom resulting in some of the past internal conflicts.

A case in point is the huge unfunded pension liability of the Public Service, which in 5 years will be a severe strain on State coffers, that will inevitably create a situation of mayhem, internal conflict and social schism if NOT resolved now, leaving no ambiguity to clarify.

In true Sri Lankan fashion, this problem is left until it needs immediate resolution by which time war would have been declared. What are the facts? The Govt. cannot meet this pension liability in the foreseeable future in its economic plan.

In short Sri Lanka cannot afford to pay pensions to its retiring state employees. The only course of action is to increase the retirement age to 75, and hope due to the worsening quality of life, due to breathing polluted air, drinking poisoned water, and eating food full of pesticides, that people will die before retirement and save the state this liability. I know this is a cynical approach, but that is the true state of affairs, that the mischievous politicians will use, as a political tool to fool the public, saying they will pay the pensions that the reality has shown is not possible.

How would people be fooled. The people will believe the politicians and vote for those who promise NOT to increase the retirement age, and promise to pay the pensions. Those who know better will lose, and so when money is printed to do so, the Economy will tank, and take a Country down a precipice, because we have voted in a party that has promised the impossible. Sounds like we have heard this one before! De ja vu once again.

 After all there is still a huge population who believe it is the Govt.’s responsibility to provide Govt. jobs, even by giving appointments to people without even a place of work, merely to satisfy the voter out of a promise that will and actually has proved to be treasonable, due to the inability to sustain this with income, borrowing money to pay the Public Sector wages, let alone pensions.

Unless there is a Constitutional safeguard to prevent this, what is the point of a Constitution? The Constitution is a means of governing a nation. If its elected representatives, borrow and get the Country into debt just to pay the wages of a bloated bureaucracy, is that governing? I don’t think so.

I can assure the reader that this kind of Constitutional safeguard to quantify the unfunded liability and provide funds to pay this pension now, is NOT EVEN in their dreams as being necessary for inclusion, which would only mean a field day for scaremongers to take power, over the truth tellers in future!

That is why it could be argued that dummies have so far drafted the Constitution, and experts in each of their fields have been excluded from the framework of drafting. The experts don’t know how to inform the drafters of the need for this eventuality within the Constitution, as they have tunnel vision in knowing only their subject matter, but don’t know how this should be included by way of building a provision gradually to cover this eventuality, with a combination of a rising retirement age, (a politically impossible policy, best left for the Constitution) and pension provision.

I have only referred to ONE small matter, and there are many life and death scenarios like this that MUST form part of the discussion, and a compromise solution enacted. We are so fixated with the ethnic issue which in reality is a non issue, as we are all ethnically the same despite our desperate need to differentiate it out of some man made spoke called religion and race and language.

To put to bed once and for all, this ethnic conundrum, introduce gene tests for all politicians immediately so that we can prove that all of them have a different ethnic makeup to that which they so vociferously espouse. It will also shut the Diaspora up for good, when this is outed! Wait till we realize we are only part of the Human Race, all other definitions are so last century to suppress, and strangle.

Residence rights will only be made exclusive, and expensive once in Paradise!   

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