Monday, February 15, 2016

CEB Engineers – hope you are not the ones promoting the death of Sri Lanka

The murderers of Sri Lankans are everywhere, especially in Government, and the public service and also quasi governmental institutions such as the CEB, CPC, CEA, CA and hundreds of other bodies.

Put simply the decisions made by these people affect the lives of normal average Sri Lankans. So to illustrate just one example, those who imported high cadmium fertilizer have contributed to the massive deaths due to Kidney Disease, and those who profit from the building of Norochcholai have contributed to deaths from poor air quality in that area too.

It is NO use passing the buck. We are eating unhealthy food, (poor control of the quality of what we eat, as our State does not inform the people of how poisonous, MSG is as it is now used as a weed killer additive) We are drinking contaminated water, (poor information of what water is safe to drink and not) and we are now breathing foul air (the State is still wholly incapable of regulating the pollutants emitted from vehicles!) THEY ARE ALL KILLERS passed by the Govt. by the likes of elected MPs and the whole layer of Govt. of Public Servants and decision makers in places like the CEB.

Please correct me if I am mistaken, but the recommendations to the Govt. to go ahead with the Sampur Coal Power Project come up from technically competent people who are using their LICENCE TO KILL. If they are doing it for profit, a pay check, then they are traitors to the core.

Until we have a Constitution strong enough that people take responsibility for their actions, public servants and employees of bodies under that sector, will make decisions that are beneficial to them first, and MAY BE harmful to the Country.

It is therefore with regret that I can only appeal to the Common Sense of people who have had an education in every field except in commons sense, to see the BIG PICTURE. The limitation of their current knowledge, does not know that even electricity generation is going in for a rapid change with the advent of high storage batteries that will make the Govt. boast that the whole Country is now within the Grid, a wholly superfluous statement.

Once these high storage batteries are in use, in about 5 years, I expect at least 250,000 of the high usage households to leave the grid altogether as they will be able to generate their own renewable energy, and store it to use in their homes, and to charge their vehicles overnight. The level of knowledge of our highly paid Electrical Engineers who can’t even read, has not penetrated that far!


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