Monday, February 15, 2016

ACID RAIN that is about to Destroy Sri Lanka, and our decision makers are happily getting ready to send us all to a quick grave! Unless you wake up.

As a nation, we are suckers to those who rule over us. We elect them and then allow them to kill us and live off our dead bodies. The strange thing is we don’t even realize that is what is happening.

In 2016, there is enough evidence in the world about what has happened when certain huge Investment Projects, purportedly for the Nation’s good have been carried out, and we now know to tell the true tale of ideas gone bad. We in Sri Lanka don’t ever seem to learn from others mistakes, and we want it to happen to us, and sometimes even then we don’t learn. I guess our head is full of shit!

China and India has learned the hard way,  that the cost of development, by building Coal Fired Power plants, have destroyed their environment. That is why China wants Port City Colombo. Just so that the Chinese can come here to breathe clean air. They are always in it for their selfish reasons, and we have yet to learn that FACT. So why are we ruining that same environment, by putting up yet another Coal Fired Power Station in Sampur? We know the ash deposits from Kalpitiya has destroyed the environment there, and also agriculture, why do we want a repeat of that destruction? Because we are suckers for punishment!

CEB is frankly mad to even recommend 6 coal powered plants. I believe even one more is one too many, and am disappointed that the PM has been so badly advised by his fan club, as he is on a collision course with nature.

If we want to self destruct, then so be it, but let all the people realize that is what is happening, rather than be fooled into a false sense of security that they are OK.

This entry is just the first in a series to gradually educate the reader, and hopefully he would then further inform his circle of readers and friends and so on which will hopefully put a stop to the Sampur Power Station from ever seeing the light of day.

I also hope to show here, that there are alternatives that are not harmful, and available instead.

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