Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time to have the most important Constitutional Councils – New Constitution

The only thing the young people want except for a job that gives them a living wage is, being able to drink clean water, breathe clean air, and eat wholesome food free from poison!

Then if only for their sakes, the stakeholders of the Constitution, we MUST set up Constitutional Councils that protect each of these rights. As they are so important for the existence of Sri Lanka, I personally would have 3 different Councils covering each of the three aspects.

Until there are laws, and until we appreciate how important these three basic requirements for healthy living, nothing else matters. There is really no point saying free health care is a fundamental right if we are unable to assure the former three, as the Country will not be able to protect its citizens from illness if the former are absent, leaving a huge cost to society, that cannot be borne in an era of a growing geriatric population, as compared with today.

In this context minimum acceptable standards for poison residue will have to be set, and their source investigated in order to minimize pollution. Fines and punishments for ensuring these are protected will have to be set, and people have to be taught to protect environment from birth to cultivate good habits, in a society that is slowly turning itself into a garbage dump everywhere you look, and the people don’t seem to have a care in the world.

When adults just don’t see that they are litter bugs, it is only children who can be taught good habits, and to that extent they have to be trained from now, so that we will only see results in 20 years. Wow a 20 year plan to change habits! What else?

It will gradually dawn on the people in a few years that the only answer will be to create a purely organic agriculture nation, as the ONLY means to ensure that our food is edible within the confines of the Constitutional definition to be!

I believe this intention should be in the first paragraph of the Constitution, so that there is no illusion of what it is we are attempting to do, and perhaps be the first Country on earth to enshrine this in the Constitution, and thereby force everyone to take this task seriously, rather than the lip service we are very good at showing!

People put country before self, and you will be surprised at the ROI of life!

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the youth like to have a good drink. full stop.