Friday, February 26, 2016

Public Servants – total numbers to be halved!

The Daily News today published an article headed “Public Servants minimum Basic Salary to be doubled!” but see link, nowhere in the article was this alluded to. So is it lies to draw attention to the article that has nothing really to say, or something by a mischievous reporter to put the Editor in trouble, or to put the Minister on the spot or both.

Independent Journalism is NOT such headlines. If it was not in the body of the article I must at least assume it was a downright lie.

It is time the Daily News gets its act together and FIRST “REPORT RESPONSIBLY” otherwise we don’t have any hope.

It was interesting that on Monday, the Chief Priest of the Gangarama Temple told the PM that the Lake House must revert to be an independent organization OUT of Government Control, no matter what Government. This to the PM, from whose family the Srimavo Government nationalized the Newspapers, as she felt they were reporting against her Govt.

Without Independent reporting for so long, our Journalists have failed in their responsibility for OBJECTIVE reporting and are colloquially known to write for the “arackcku botale”.

I purposely put the headline to the article, to show how misleading it is. However I stand by the line, in that it is the ONLY way for Sri Lanka to get back an efficient Public Service which is too overloaded by free loaders to be able to do the job effectively.

There are so many anomalous situations, in the Country. Firstly we have 250,000 job vacancies with no one to do them. Jobs are going overseas, with factories closing because our wage rates are too high, for those industries to be profitable, and added to that they are unable to attract labor. Then Companies are requesting the Govt. for permission to hire foreign labor to work, as otherwise they will not be able to complete their projects on time! Is it that our workers are less productive too? Then we have 600,000 three wheeler drivers, wasting their time in street corners, taking a few hires a day. Uber can throw 80% out of business, with the remainder, earning Rs100,000 a month, which in time will do away with polluting three wheelers and replace with electric taxis, that will both be safer, pollution free, and less numerous causing less traffic! 

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