Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We the people want to defend our institutions against the destructive onslaught!

BUT our elected leaders acting like clowns make it harder for us to defend this stance. Drastic steps must be taken to correct this status if we are to preserve the Unitary Nature of our Country, and forever banish any idea of putting up any barriers within this tiny island, with a population less than many cities.

There is NO decorum nor manners in Parliament because the ATA PASS KATTIYA rule over us, and we seem to like to elect this genre as they have the foulest mouths, and proven track record of criminals. Little wonder then that an incarcerated Politician scored the highest preferential votes at the last Election, because people feel sympathy for crooks, but don’t like those who work for a living, as the example of noble life are of those WHO DON’T EARN A LIVING BY THEIR PHYSICAL OR MENTAL TOIL.

By the way some who claim degrees or doctorates are in fact ATA PASS actors.

Workers of Sri Lanka, we must regain Sri Lanka from the SHIRKERS, who have made it an art and science to rule over the workers, and tax them when they breathe or even take the phone to make a call, while they overspend the public money, have NO concern for those who pay all their bills, and have not the slightest concern for the long suffering public who provide them with their lifestyle, almost as a GOD GIVEN right to them to live, leaching on us!!

There is NO quick fix to solve our problems. However it is easy to solve if we live by a few principles of Government, if enacted into our New Constitution. All along in my blog I have made suggestions for improvement in every aspect of our lives, and so far they have fallen on deaf ears. However I note that now people have begun to realize the truth and practicality of what I have been saying for the last 11 years in Sri Lanka, that unless we have fundamental change of mindset we cannot make the changes we need to reverse this mass desecration of our Island by our elected representatives, and their stooges who ingratiate themselves to their coat tails, be they the Law Enforcement Officers, the Judiciary, the village thugs or the Big Business Tycoons, all who have put self-interest above common interest.

The stumbling block as I see it is the voter, who is still easily fooled by divisive politics and lies, not having the education to dissect between truth and evil, choosing evil or good! None of those in power seem to want to change that status quo as it appears that they benefit from that mindset. SO it is up to us workers, to begin a movement of informing the people, painstakingly at first, but once there is sufficient momentum, those convinced can then seek more converts of their own, so that by the next election, the babies are thrown out with the bath water.

Just see what roadblocks have been put up on the RTI Bill, has anyone even dissected what the problem is and how one can solve the SC impasse? Even Colombo Telegraph only inform, NOT opine, so we have a 4th Estate that has yet to grow up, further burdening the public to do their job too to get over that hurdle. BUT WE CAN and let us all join in this ESSENTIAL DUTY for the sake of A future for Sri Lanka.


Anonymous said...

If you read the classic "animal farm," you will realize that the pigs (workers) ultimately become the farmers (shirkers) when they get the opportunity. So shirking at the expense of working is in the mature of us all. Therefore we must construct institutions that recognize this reality and work in a way to combat the shirking instinct of each other. The judiciary v legislature or executive v, legislature etc. Individuals of great quality are already few and far between and even less so amongst contemporary Sri Lankans who cannot be trusted with unchecked authority.

Anonymous said...

The link in the FT of May 10th 2016 explains how much harm this sort of action has and will have on SL image. We just have the wrong people in Parliament and a different breed MUST replace them.