Thursday, May 5, 2016

Let’s talk about the RTI Bill requiring a two thirds majority

I have not studied the details of the Supreme Court ruling regarding the draft RTI bill that HAS received assent by all the Provincial Councils, and has been a part of the Govt. 100 day plan that is yet to take shape, and is an integral part of the political reforms that the public have VOTED FOR and are WAITING FOR!

So it is incumbent upon the Govt. to ensure this Bill becomes law, by taking every endeavor to get the two thirds majority it needs in the Parliament. I am apprehensive that there may be horse-trading, where rogues in Parliament may wish their particular investigations be permanently dropped if they are to give their vote for the Bill! That smacks of getting away with murder!

It has caught the Govt. between a rock and hard place and those parliamentarians who want to play the game of bluff and counter bluff with the people are those who are most happy with this ruling. In fact that number amounts to the whole parliament, with no one really wanting it to be passed, as it is them and them only who are at most risk of exposure due to the waste of public money that they continue to daily indulge in.

So my dear reader, what has happened? This independent Supreme Court has just put on the blinkers of legal status as it pertains to the present discredited Constitution, and said that two thirds is needed knowing very well that it will not be forthcoming and if they remove those important clauses of the bill, then the whole value of a basically decent RTI Bill becomes indecent, and WORTHLESS.

The people of Sri Lanka are yet caught up between a rock and hard place. Is there any condition upon which the Supreme Court can determine otherwise? Especially because without the clauses the spirit of the January 8th revolution is cast aside to a more sedate and less stringent one, that does not achieve the ends of Good Governance.

I will appreciate an opinion of a more educated person who can give me an answer as to how this problem can be resolved in the best interests of the Spirit of the Bill to be of benefit in the QUEST FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE.

I am concerned that this is the tip of the iceberg in delaying tactics, and we just cannot afford to be tripped up at every step of the way, opening the gates for those who are power hungry to grab whatever chance by fooling the people yet again, and not being honest with what is best for the Country. 

I am appalled that I have not seen any analysis of this in the press, or any concern stated by Govt. to ensure all steps will be taken to make this bill, LAW!  

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