Friday, May 27, 2016

Donald Trump – Accepting the Republican Nomination in Bismark, North Dakota!

I am not usually one who watches any TV, but just wanted to see if our President was shown on International TV News at the G7 summit and so switched between the usual three international channels I have, namely, Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN last night (May 26th 2016) Only Obama was shown!

I must say I was in for a treat. This had comedy, and theatrics that no movie or soap could conjure up in a million years! Oozing cockiness and arrogance!

I had NOT watched the US presidential race nor kept abreast of what was going on, and so it was a novel experience. CNN Wolf was waiting for the grand entrance of the “The Donald”. They were playing to a simultaneous live broadcast of the Democratic presumptive nominee, Hilary Clinton, in Las Vegas surrounded by Union workers who were backing her in the backdrop in their yellow T shirts. She was so staid and boring and so forgettable, you wondered if she had any policies that anyone could even listen to. She was just a tried and tested Washington Hand. Maybe when Bill came to town in 1992 you could argue they were Arkansan, and Hilly Billy types, but hell no, she was just a Washington Insider behaving like one, and there is nothing more of a turn off!

Then after many of the pundits had marveled on the fact, two months ago, no one would have said that on May 26th Trump would have the delegates in the bag for the nomination, today he had when the pledged delegates reached the magic figure of 1237. Funnily the pundits did a dis- service to viewing pleasure.

So in walks Trump, as in your face and arrogant as ever, and within minutes of the first question, where it was pointed out that Obama in Japan a few hours ago, had said that the G7 leaders were rattled by his nomination, and that he was completely unaware of International Diplomacy. The way Trump blew Obama away was mind boggling. He just trashed him as the worst President ever, and that he would reverse ALL of Obama’s Executive orders, immediately on taking office. 

On the “RATTLE” a classically arrogant retort, saying he likes that, because if any friendly country is rattled, then it is a good thing, because they fear his policies will put them on notice! He said he is a businessman, and knows that when competitors are RATTLED that means he is doing something GOOD! 


That was sheer grandstanding behavior, full of “Chutzpah” (insolence, cheek or audacity, and I say all of them!)

If I was President Obama, I would have felt it better not to have made those comments, as Trump has a way of drawing the Hill Billy American in a way that no one else can and turn every allegation round to his benefit.

Of course I cannot remember all the questions asked, but the challenge to debate Bernie Sanders as a way of getting at Hilary was the next most amusing part, as he, as a SHOWMAN, knows the value of prime time TV, and as ratings are the key, he cockily knows it will break all records of viewership. So he said if a TV station comes up with say US$15M on the table, he will relish it, and use the money for “women’s health”, a slap in the face of Hilary again! He is having a vicarious thrill at these insinuations.

He said he has already raised US$6M to give to the Veterans in a public handover in a few days at TRUMP TOWER, so he will pass this on to a charity that is connected with improving women’s health issues.

The way he trashed Elizabeth Warren a senator from Massachusettes, was cringe worthy. He said if EW was a Native American then he was as much Native American. He even called her Pocahontas, which if anyone else but the Donald said it would have been like calling someone a Nigger, but he simply got away with that comment putting her down as a fraud! So she as a possible running mate for Hilary is already minced and spewed!

One other thing about his running mate from female or minority, he just left it completely open, not saying that only WASP need apply, as it was rumored that female and minority were not even in the running. He let that slip by so slickly, that no one can say he ruled it out!

Then when he said he is a businessman turned politician and so does not know the insides of political shenanigans, he will in his first 100 days, CUT RED TAPE AND REGULATIONS AND TAXES. The other being; USA will be ENERGY INDEPENDENT AND AN EXPORTER, but with not much kudos given to solar or wind, but he did say he will consider those alternatives as well!

He was about to give a major speech soon after the Press Conference at the Hall adjacent to 7,000+ supporters about the US Energy industry, his plans for it, and his policy to provide jobs and make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

He was also going to beef up the expenditure on the Military by huge chunks, citing the fact that some airman had complained that they were cannibalizing F16 in museums for parts, to keep the planes running! These comments go right to the heart of the natural fears of the highly insular American psyche, which obviously he understands perfectly.

The New Mexico Governor had just been trashed a few days ago, and he had defended that, but had the cheek to say that she will join his campaign later, saying he is now collecting funds for other Republican candidates in November 8th 2016.



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