Friday, May 6, 2016

Follow UP on the RTI Bill and the SC rulings

I read today that the Govt. will make the necessary amendments so that the Bill will only require a simple majority to pass. If one is to believe the attached link, the Govt. says it will only strengthen the Bill with the amendments!

Frankly it is a level of logic I just don’t buy, but in order to study it further, I tried to obtain a copy and tied to understand the goings on as to why the SC ruled such and so come to my conclusions. I was however thwarted in my search, as it is NOT freely available to download and study.

If there is any one who reads this and has the latest draft of the Bill that was submitted to the SC I would like to get a link to where it can be found, together with the particular clauses which were of concern.

I am making this statement following on from the earlier entry in the link below

It is important that the RTI Bill and thereafter the ACT is reflective of the best practice, taking into consideration the various ACTs currently in existence throughout the world, and the inconsistencies, and the inability of some, to be practiced, due to impractical considerations, that were not pointed out prior to their enactment. We, by delaying this for so long, have a wealth of experience from around the world to use, in order to improve the quality so the right balance is achieved, where certain information if divulged too early would lead to missing opportunities benefitting Sri Lanka, would be recognized as being sacred cows that do not have to be disclosed.

There must be some ability to make minor amendments to the ACT to take account of unforeseen possibilities that may suddenly occur, that the ACT interprets in a way that is detrimental to the common good that obviously requires immediate amendment, due either an anomalous situation, or a previously unforeseen even taking place that makes an ass of the current legislation in that particular area.

The most important point now is NOT to make any more excuses, but to immediately do the needful to have the Bill make into law, and there is excellent communication, with the people, and a responsible media to explain the parts that will help with good governance and efficient government.

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