Sunday, May 29, 2016

Education - Let’s challenge the existence of schools – do we actually need them?

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To my knowledge, if a parent gives a 3 year old a smart phone, they self teach to navigate through it better than the parent. What does that mean? A child who has NOT been to school, knows how to use a smart phone for the purposes he wants, whether it is to play videos, or listen to music or play games. The parent on the other hand uses it only for the apps and phone use and maybe for video calls, but that is about it! He has actually gone to school!

Why do we send our kids to school? Is it because we have to, otherwise the law will be on our case for child neglect? Can we teach our children to read and write at home, and if we can afford it get a teacher for the subjects we want to teach one on one.

Due to others pressures at home, the school is only a glorified crèche to look after our offspring, when we don’t have the time to do so ourselves, in short out of convenience only. What if we just let our child wander about until the child chooses out of his or her own need to learn, because that is the only way they can advance their knowledge they need to know.

After all in this internet age, with explosion of knowledge there is NO way, that we can or will learn everything there is to know. All we need to know is how to access the information. With spell check, we don’t even need to learn to spell, as it is done automatically for us, when we type.

SHOULD WE LEARN TO TYPE BEFORE LEARNING TO WRITE? Seriously though, as a child when the creative spirit is at its highest, the child may be able to type poetry before he can write words by hand. Has that not been tested yet? I am sure it has and I am sure we can be blown away by the findings.

What do our children really know when they reach 16? Can they know all that without going to school, and sometimes have already started a business, and be earning money, if they never went to school.

Should we administer other means to determine our children’s strengths and weaknesses, and take steps to hone the skills the child has been born with. Some people have a ear for music, others for painting, that come naturally due to their particular skill. Others maybe able graphic design on the computers if they are taught how to use the software.

Put to the test, should we teach PHOTOSHOP to a 5 year old that hardly knows how to read so the child can express his talents on computer, by designing whatever he or she wants to? YESSSSSSSS said a knowledgeable colleague!

The reality is that his highest earning as a creative designer can be between ages 5 and 10, by which time others would have surpassed his talent! He can then return to school to do whatever he wants, now that he has earned enough to live for the rest of is life!


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