Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Northern Province Statistics being wheeled out in time for Geneva

First it was that the NP had the highest percentage pass rate for A Levels of ALL provinces in Sri Lanka at the August 2013 A level exams. This was being highlighted as evidence of normalcy returning to the North!

Secondly yesterday it was the fact that the Bank density per thousand inhabitants is also the highest in Sri Lanka.

Obviously statistics are used often to mislead, just as recently the allegation that the Govt. massaged figures by under reporting the population, so by definition over reporting the per capita growth and also per capita income.

In the latter case of Banks, when there is just 5% of the Sri Lanka population in the Northern Province, with more than that number just in the Diaspora, it smacks of another smoke and mirrors job. Further if there are banks then there is business to be done, and it is possible that large amounts are being channeled by relatives to the Northerners. This is a good thing.

I have always maintained that given the northern people more autonomy, their Economy will speed past the South in no time, and that the South appears to attempt to stall this growth thinking it will lead to Separation.

I on the other hand hold a completely opposing view, where if we give them some sense of autonomy to manage their affairs and they perform in a stellar manner, then they will not want to secede as they will need the workers from the South to run their industries and there is NO chance these Diaspora types can get it together to return, and so continuously agitate in their countries for the Northern people as a sort of excuse for their inaction, and lack of help for them. We can then gradually de couple the Diaspora as being out of touch.

Taking the A level result issue, with 16,000 students sitting the exam a tiny fraction of the nation’s total, their improved performance can be ascribed to many factors. The teachers are probably by culture more dedicated to their pupils, helping them along. Only the truly capable sat the exams, and so a higher proportion would pass. It is not a reflection of the facilities in the schools as one would have to look at the subjects offered to make a judgment call on that. Whilst overall, I am pleased that things are getting back to normal, it is still too early to pounce on a few instances and use it to prove one’s hypotheses. More needs to be done, and working closely with the NPC may be answer to blunt the claws of the Northern Tiger, and engage these Citizens in real progress       


Anonymous said...

more students pass because Tamil teachers favor Tamil students

Anonymous said...

Is that across the Country or just in the North? After all Tamil teachers mark Tamil scripts and Sinhala teachers mark Sinhala scripts.

I thought there was some kind of screening to ensure no bias across languages by a standardization process.

If your bias story is true then less able Tamil pupils enter University than Sinhala ones, but the results of the UNI show Tamil students outperforming Sinhala ones, but there most students have to study in English and it appears that Tamil students are more able to pick up English than Sinhala students.

There is NO clear cut evidence to prove your point when the overall picture post school is looked at.

There was NO question in the pre 1970s that the Jaffna school education was farm better than even Colombo's. Therefore a disproportionate number from the North got in to Uni bearing in mind the total numbers that sat for the exams.

Are you saying again that they marking was biased even then?