Friday, January 24, 2014

Are these the two critical areas that slammed the brakes on the Miracle of Asia?

A useful starting point to try and concentrate on two critical aspects of Sri Lanka’s transition to the Miracle of Asia, lest it becomes a debacle!

I refer to an interesting article by Bradman Weerakoon a contemporary of my mother’s, born in the same year, and who was at Univeristy with her and knew her in later years. The gist of his letter to the President, is that he firmly believes that we have to solve, and not sweep under the carpet the two key areas that will determine the success of this country. The Organic growth notwithstanding

Namely, the free and fair elections, not held to improve the chances of the incumbents, by spreading elections every year, exhausting the resources of the opposition, but be open, transparent and make the playing field as level as possible.

Secondly, the resolution of minority rights for equality and dignity. Until we have the courage to admit to the fact that we are a multi cultural, religious and ethnic country, we cannot move forward.

Those born under conditions where their formative years have been during the conflict, are prejudiced by the LTTE impression of minorities. They by their actions have further alienated the minorities into that corner, and forced the majority to believe in adage that all Tamil people are secret LTTE sympathizers.

It is important that these myths are once and for all put to bed, and the we are a country with NO minorities syndrome be removed from the colloquial until we can truly believe it by following words with actions. We make a habit of picking and choosing a few members from the minority communities to disprove the overwhelming perceptions of the minorities, instead of concentrating on including them in the debate as equals.

In a cabinet with dubious minority representation, where threats and money were able to buy the loyalty of untold non minority politicians, why couldn’t the Govt. do the same with minority? (not former LTTE leaders who were attracted more by pardons without truth and reconciliation) Was it because the Govt was not able to offer an acceptable solution?  or that they did not even attempt as their intention of political survival was to merely extend the divisions and gain political advantage there from, as quite clearly seen by the policies currently adopted, and the strategy clearly laid out in facing the forthcoming elections!! Any thoughts            

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Anonymous said...

the term minority is derogatory in itself. who wants to be called 'a minority' in their own country. all citizens should be held as equals and represented as such in the lexicon of the day.

the solution is true integration of the country as you see in singapore, the united states, and other ethnically diverse countries. this takes a lot of work and constant reinforcement in the political arena. dividing politics upon ethnicity is a recipe for disaster