Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If these are not words of courage in uniting this nation what is?

The Chairman of the Leadership Council of the UNP issued a bold statement today denouncing the recent violence and attacks against people and Churches. See the attached link for the full statement.

This was a very courageous statement to be made by the UNP at this juncture, when the Govt. seeks by their very action or inaction to support religious fundamentalism and extremism. The UNP is a party that has always stood up for religious harmony, and tolerance, a party openly encouraging all races, religions and minorities to be included, so that the Country can move forward as one nation. The recent appointment of a muslim to the Chairman of the  party is yet another indication of their commitment to all the people in the Island.

It is now up to the people of Sri Lanka, to put aside their petty prejudices, and come together as one, and understand, the con, that is the current Govt. that by dividing and pretending to protect Buddhism, is in fact bent on destroying it, turning people away by their very behavior, and believing that the divisiveness that is thus created will be politically favorable to their cause.

This racist and religious card that they appear to believe is their winning formula, must be forever buried by the voter, who MUST rise above this insecurity, see through the canard, do what they believe is best for the nation.

In order to slay this dragon, the citizens should also drop their insecurities and stop voting on religious or racial lines, because it is just those mentalities that will prevent the nation getting to the next stage of development, and taking its place as a mature democracy.

We may have had independence for 65 years, but up to now, it has NOT taken the people from the mentality of fear, and prejudice to one of Global players in an international game, where 2 million or more of our citizens live and work overseas, mostly in countries where the principal religion is not that of the worker. Surely they should be able to see the big picture. They don’t because they mostly work in Muslim countries that are even less tolerant of other religions, which breeds a sense of anger that returnees then relay to their progeny making matters worse, and not better adding to tension.

Let us salute the action of the UNP in taking this bold step, and let us pray that our people will first be notified of this statement through a responsible media, and secondly that they are able to see the big picture.            

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A super article see link below
From FT of Jan 16th 2014 on this very issue