Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It is NOT just a breakdown of a power station – it is a reflection of why such a potentially catastrophic event DOES NOT garner the public interest!

One can NO longer say that the Norochcholai breakdowns are inevitable in the teething period of a Power Station. It has happened far too many times, that even the CEB engineers UNANIMOUSLY have voted it a WHITE ELEPHENT that is likely to be mothballed, as there is NO sign of life in that plant.

However loud the opposition screams about it, it HAS NOT gained any traction with the General Public who just DON’T SEEM TO CARE. In fact they don’t even understand how far different the promise of cheaper power, veered from reality, due to this CHINESE MOCKERY of a power station.

I read somewhere recently that the Chinese have the technology to build good quality as well. Simply said, if we paid up front and demanded the best we would have got the best, like the amazing bridge they are building in San Francisco to rival the Golden Gate. However if we get a project where massive bribes were paid, first as a commission to the person who brought the deal, and then to the Chinese who offered the plant, you are left with 70% of the project cost for the plant itself.

What do you expect? Only a second hand one of dubious economic value and so last generation (last century too!) technology. All parties to this shame are ACCOUNTABLE but NOONE is held accountable, and Sri Lanka is left hostage to the project.

With the latest closure came the double whammy bad news of the Kerawalpitiya Thermal breaking down, and the coal that is coming in piling up in time as the monsoon season from April will prevent ships docking there, is causing moisture build up and effectively losing thermal value, is another huge cost, on top of the need for private power producer to supply the shortfall. A field day pay day for the latter at the expense of the Country!

The President HAS NOT offered one bit of concern in the media, considering he is hands on and takes credit for much that are not of his own making. Anything he says will merely implicate him of another huge infrastructural disaster on his watch. So the mud never sticks to our Teflon Leader and is another case of the unproductive use to which the Govt. huge borrowings are directed at. This corroborates my blog entry on 19th Jan on misdirected policy for Govt benefit. See below for link:



Anonymous said...

more on this nightmare, it is time someone owned up to their responsibilities. After all what is the point of a Govt. if it cannot be held responsible for spending the public's money, and in this instance wasting it!

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sorry forgot to include the link in the above comment.


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More breakdowns:


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the president's suit is only made of teflon because the opposition is so ineffective in communicating with the masses. it's a problem of the opposition as much as the skill of the incumbents