Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unprecedented but Unbowed and Under the Ulterior motive of Uncle Sam

The government now plays a game of blaming the US for bringing about a HR resolution. The nationwide protests that have continued and will persist, does not impact on the international community at all. Few in those countries are even aware of this activity. So it is only playing to the local audience strengthening the hand of the government in covering up the unprecedented series of price rises emanating from mismanagement. It is an act of manipulation of the mind from the need of the hour, a solution to survive from day to day.

I look on this as escapism in time of crisis, where reality is ignored and set aside with ideas and practices to cover up unpleasant thoughts. Protesting against absent non-existent propositions is a convenient tool to make people forget their problems and instead focus on a completely unrelated topic to vent their anger. This is a very clever move, and psychologist might argue is essential for people prone to depression to engage in. It is a form of psychotherapy called behavior modification, that the state has unwittingly thrust on its people.

So what action must we take against kill joys who want to remind us how bad it is? Self appointed patriots call them traitors. I ask do we owe a duty to our citizens to tell the truth or like the best form of democracy mislead the people on a grand scale to imbibe in self flagellation and not even feel the pain because they are in a trance that give them supernatural powers. This is the latest form of Governance.

This dilemma of ‘to inform or not’ is a difficult one to rationalize, when the recipient of this admonishment and warning of things to come would rather live today to find an imaginary villain of the peace, so they can go about beating him instead of the real culprit. So ask yourself, which side you prefer in this debate?

Once you answer that question you are free to agree or disagree with my opinion of what awaits us. One has to go back a few years in my blog to predict today’s outcome as being inevitable and not a flash in the pan or caused by any external shocks or influences. It was expected. Running a country is no different to running your home finances, but a little more detailed and few more compromises must be made to manage with the available finances of a nation. Many realistic decisions on what to spend on and what to cut down are taken daily. Those affected by the cuts are those who feel a personal stake has been compromised or robbed.

Let’s not forget that it makes no difference if the US or Western powers exist or not. Nothing will be CHANGE. Our issues are our own and not anyone else’s. So let us face reality and do that which is needed to continue to live as well as we can.
Let us try and put to bed this US resolution as nothing to get hot under the collar about. After all the Govt. issued the LLRC report and has not done anything about it. As soon as they go to Geneve, Mahinda Samarasinghe says they are implementing all the recommendations that have not already been implemented. The US resolution is only requesting that the proposals be implemented knowing full well that if they do not say that, the SL govt. will just delay and stall for time. So this is all a waste of time as the Govt. of Sri Lanka despite the misleading statements to the public has cowed down to the threat and agreed to all conditions.

It is clear to UNHRC that their action has already borne fruit. So it is a sorry state when an excessive team of 52 people including Douglas Devananda has gone to Geneve. He is the main culprit implicated in the paramilitary operations in the north that were highlighted as an important step to be solved long before the final report was issued, and still has to be acted upon. We watch with interest to see if the LLRC report recommendations will in fact be implemented and if so when?

So how can the Govt of Sri Lanka be so disingenuous as to tell the people that they are not going to be bullied by the US when they have already agreed to all their conditions. This sort of double standard is why I have a problem trying to find any more excuses for their behavior. After all even without Parliamentary approval they go to Geneve and agree to all the LLRC recommendations! Why? Is the Govt. frightened to get parliamentary approval because it may not be given? Or do they not care a toss under the dictatorship for the Parliament? Both require an answer.

It is disgraceful that the Govt. has to be prodded by the UNHRC to implement its own internal report recommendations. That is a sign of incompetence and intentional desire of NOT wanting to solve the internal challenges with all communities to ensure a lasting peace.

The Govt. must stop fighting a non-existent war in order to keep the people engaged in a different focus when the state of the nation and its management is severely undermining the strength of the economy, and there is no clear vision on how to solve the problems of the country.

In conclusion I call upon the Govt. of Sri Lanka to come clean, and be forthright about its actions and not encourage false jingoistic rallies over non-existent threats. They work hand in glove with the US in every sphere and also with the IMF in order that they can get all the funds they require while accepting ALL conditions. The people MUST be told there is no independence and sovereignty. It has been forfeited and so talk of preserving a sold out independence is only pretence.

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