Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is this the beginning of the end of the great betrayal?

As the saying goes, “you can fool some of the people for most of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.” The people of Sri Lanka have been fooled by the age old smoke and mirrors trick, because it is what they see is what they believe, be it in the papers or TV and even for that matter with their own eyes. So when it comes to a road in their village it is the first impression that appears to count. Now even the roads are crumbling, as I saw with my own eyes in Biyagama yesterday, where we went to see 3 lanes that needed urgent repair.

I returned last night from a lightening protest on the Biyagama side of the Kaduwela bridge, a spontaneous one planned by the Youth of the area, only a few hours earlier, to protest against the results of bad government policies, namely the sudden massive increase in the prices of fuel, which in days to come will impact on every aspect of our lives. It seems that the people of Sri Lanka are generally complacent and it really requires a catalyst of major proportions to wake them up from their slumber of the inevitable.

I have been pointing out for years in my notes, that there is nothing called a free lunch. We have to pay for everything we use one day. If our economy is mismanaged we may have to pay even more, so when the State engages in wholesale lying using the media to such an extent that the majority of the people believe in these lies, when the truth finally dawns, it is disbelief, that prevails.

It is shameful that the day of reckoning has been delayed for years after the end of the hostilities, when it could have been faced then and cleared. But no, the government wanted to win even more elections by even bigger margins, so they hid the people from the truth, that we could not afford an overvalued currency, we could not afford high interest debt, to build all their white elephants, we could not afford to pay bribes to the rulers for engaging the Chinese to build our infrastructure at inordinately high rates of interest, but faulty ones at that – the Power station at Norochcholai is a prime example of bad technology, with technically poor construction.

Most of the people reading this blog have also been fooled for years, and for some they continue to be fooled successfully by the mind numbingly cunning campaign of misinformation, when the facts can be gleaned by common sense evaluation, call “KALPANAKARANNA”. I have been called to task most of the time with my questioning of this charade, but at least I have stuck to my guns under tremendous pressure, much from those so called armchair “COLOMBIANS”.
To put it simply the highly educated Columbians are saying the government had no choice but to cut subsidies, as it distorts economic growth. That is true, but not after squandering US$2Billion of borrowed money in defending an overvalued currency. (see my blog notes of a few years ago for that issue) It could have been done in good time, and not when forced to receive the latest US$800M tranche from the IMF to pay the overpriced bills, overpriced that is due to the cost of bribes being so big a part of the bill. These apologists for the Government continued with this as they also feasted from this gravy train, making billions in the stock market, when in all three years since the end of hostilities, more money has returned overseas in the form of profits, than actually invested in the stock market from overseas!! This despite the world’s leading stock exchange status that was constantly being boasted about by those in government but worse by those industrialists engaged in speculation.

Now the truth has come home, and even then it is being deflected as a Western Conspiracy against the country! The conspiracy is within the Leaders, with responsibility firmly resting right at the pinnacle of this pyramid, to let us get into this state inebriation with power. It was ironic only a day or two ago, when Mr 10% in Pakistan was bestowing honors on Mr 20% as only devils can do, that within hours of his return, the Pakistani PM was held in contempt of court, for preventing the natural course of justice in permitting the prosecution of the President for taking bribes. As the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”.

For a person guided by horoscopes over economics, no wonder when the MIG 27 crashed this morning took flight to Singapore on a state visit to avoid the backlash at home. We cannot and must not hold this country hostage to corrupt and traitorous elements, as their one interest is personal aggrandizement and not the interests of the country. We work so hard to improve the quality of life of those who live in this country, to see those who are bent on destroying it either through ignorance or sheer bloody mindedness is something we just cannot accept, especially from people who have been able to fool so many so successfully for so long. It is time someone was able to very clearly and simply explain to people how we have allowed ourselves to get into state, when we could have done so much better by now with the Peace Dividend which we could have got, but chose to destroy at will, due to our Pied Piperish slavishness allowing the basic principles of democratic governance be destroyed, without as much as a wimp or murmur.

It is time to act, to show the door, even the prospect of gallows to traitors, so that no one will dare in the future even attempt the art of the betrayal, so that the true potential of this country can be realized, using our greatest resource, the people.

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Anonymous said...

Not only you, but many people talk about this situation in their blogs/other media. However, the president received an overwhelming majority vote in the recent presidential poll. He has been corrupt since even before becoming the state leader. One can say that this is people’s will. No matter what a few people like you think.People do not have a choice either. To elect a person like Ranil who allowed an unprecedented wasting of state assets during his short period of PM?.