Saturday, February 11, 2012

Deyata Kirula – Try taking a leak and then you know what a Ammata ……… where even basic conveniences are 4 toilets for 100,000 people!!!

I have said it before and will say it again, we do not have anyone in office or in power who can think. The obscene amounts that have been spent on Deyata Kirula, and the waste attached to it could solve the education deficit for 2012, just to give an example of the magnitude of the costs, but go and look at how many toilets there are for people to relieve themselves? Yes, just 4, and how about the stink?

I cannot believe how the citizens of this country tolerate such bombastic excesses without as much as a murmur, and the Media do not even report it for fear of being labeled as kill joys. Come on we have a council of ministers and higher ups appointed to organize this event. Why don’t they plan for the required toilet facilities for people who come hundreds of kilometers to this place and spend a few hours going through the exhibits? How about the people manning the 1000+ stalls? There are port-a-loos that can be transported to the locations for events such as these. I would say a minimum of 50 for women, and about 25 for men should be in place as well as people to make sure it is kept clean, so people do not have to hold their noses and go into a place wreaking of excreta.

A simple fact of overlooking such a basic need, completely undermines any positives this exhibition of national pride, and State PR can provide. Just because the planners have access to high speed convoys to go to star class establishments they forget there are others less fortunate. I mentioned this issue earlier when it come to the pot holes at all bus stands in every city, that splash the passenger every rainy day with no one to look into their interests. This is another example of the same manner of thinking. It is now up to the people of Sri Lanka to stand up for basic rights and not allow a state to steamroll people anyway they want and force them to hold their bladders to bursting point yet again.

It is time instead of lying about an impossible feat of 2.5million visitors when 400,000 have passed through the gates, to get real about having an exhibition that people really feel relaxed in, comfortable, and can learn, enjoy, be entertained and above all see what it is they can take back from the event to further enhance the quality of their lives, rather than put up with mind bogglingly callous treatment at the hands of the establishment, that has turned the Kirula into a Kunugoda.

The people of Sri Lanka deserve better from their rulers, who seem to think they know what they want. Ask any lady in Sri Lanka, what the biggest problem in going out in public is and she will say the lack of clean, safe, public toilets!!!!


Anonymous said...

Didn't Caesar say something like giving the peasantry "bread and circuses"

Now we know why despots like MR spend so much on carnivals and so little on education.

Anonymous said...

After decades of war developing the nation takes time ,While sitting in the comfort of your home you can criticize instead of contributing your part in a positive manner.