Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We live in interesting times not knowing what awaits us – round the corner! - That is what living is all about

Each day is like no other, surprises and unexpected events are a constant, and despite all this we go about our daily lives with quiet determination and expectation of each day being better than the day which precedes it.

As night follows day, we have lost that certainty as even during the day clouds come over to mimic the night. We persist in our endeavors hoping we can get through the day and with all that we have to overcome, achieve and complete.

Time passes too fast to get catch one’s breath, pleasures in life must be indulged in lest they disappear. The pleasure of being able to walk unaided is only appreciated when that pleasure is lost. So do enjoy your walk while you can.

One hopes one day to relive that pleasure, but one never knows. So walk anyway, crutches, hold hands or any other crutch to imbibe in that pleasure. Life’s simple things are the most pleasurable. A back rub a squeeze or a feast of plain food.

Renewing long lost friendships making new ones and forever engaging are virtues that few can appreciate. A long period of seclusion is good for the soul, but must be followed by a train of events, conversations, and engagements.

Alcohol and cigarettes are poison for the mind. It dulls the senses into a state of paralysis from which even carnal desires are stamped out. It is better to drink the water of the King Coconut as it soothes, quenches and fulfills.

The mind is made whole when the heart is left thumping and expectation hits the top note. We call it utopia and you call it orgasmic but it all amounts to a temporary out of body experience. No one can deny.

Every waking moment is sublime which has followed the ridiculous nature of the previous dream. So wake up at dawn and don’t waste a moment of the day. It is too little too short and too precious. It soon goes away.

Memory stays and goes, with no certainty. When you cannot remember you worry you are losing what you have. You rejoice when you suddenly recall what you were trying not to forget. Your list to do is now complete.

We go to our maker not when we choose, but when he chooses, so remember life’s vagaries and indulge in all pleasures as you live as you know not what is in store. It is a great, beautiful, elixir of wonderment don’t let it glide by. You will miss it.

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