Sunday, March 11, 2012

The sinister war we have forgotten – that still rages on with political blessing

Now that all the triumphalism is past on elimination of the LTTE as a threat in Sri Lanka we must seriously do battle with the war on drugs, which with the latest drug busts as evidence, is taking an ominous turn, where Sri Lanka is now an entreport in the drug trade with massive amounts of drugs entering and leaving this country from production source and on its way to destination.

Due to the greed and lure of big money, there is LEAKAGE into the country, and much of it is carried out with the blessings of well connected people, most especially those in high political office who have the power to call off raids, busts, and prosecutions, all of which are necessary to ensure the free movement of this society crippling trade and EVIL.

Why do we need to wait for this to become one of epidemic proportions before we do something about it? The numbers of addicts in Sri Lanka are already staggering.

We have plenty of evidence of what this has done to many countries in the world. Just look at the United States whose prison population is one of the highest in the world due to the mandatory sentencing of those caught peddling drugs. If I am not mistaken, 80% of those in prison there are on drug related sentences. I do believe a great segment of the prison population in Sri Lanka is also on the same wicket, though the availability of drugs in prison is also one the authorities have failed to tackle. It is therefore becoming an issue which we will NOT be able to handle.

In drug offences there are many related crimes which are hideous. You do not want a loved one to be killed just so that someone wanted Rs500 for a fix! That is all that it will take an addict to kill you for. Now take the recent Kahawatte double murders. What I can gather from the Press today is that a mother and daughter inadvertently stumbled on a stash of drugs in a neighbor’s home. The peddlers a senior government minister’s Coordinating Secretary, a PS member and his brother amongst others have now been implicated. Remember to be so blatant one MUST have political support and all politicians need a lot of money to carry out their campaigns and to pay off campaign related debts, so they get into all sorts dubious fund raising schemes including drug dealing to satisfy this craving to win.

We MUST IMMEDIATELY take all steps necessary as we now have the Armed Forces, to STAMP OUT the drug menace in Sri Lanka once and for all, as we are doomed, despite winning the war on terror. We would certainly have failed our citizens even more if we do not win the WAR ON DRUGS.


Anonymous said...

mandatory sentencing will not deter the crime as has been shown in the US, which is overflowing with prisoners.

the drug dealers should be caught and neutralized, they usually get away, by buying out the law. Real justice of cracking down on all who are complicit at the top of the pyramid, not those right on the bottom, will definitely yield results.

Most important, the Police Chiefs know how is the king pin in each turf and they should be caught.

Money talks, the guilty walk!

Anonymous said...

You are putting the cart ahead of the horse here.

Before you can stop the drug menace, you need to get all the people in positions of power who have ANY affiliation with the trade out of power.

This is not moving heaven and earth. This is just about sacking the vermin, and all those like him including his son who is guarded by the police even though he should be arrested by the police!

The president has shown that he will not fire anyone who is dirty. He is the one to be blamed here for creating this cult of crime and lawlessness.

The sad part is the worst is yet to come.