Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Why is Sri Lanka the worst in the world for wasting? (low weight for height) NUTRITION

With so many fatties even in the rural areas, Sri Lanka is almost the WORST in the world (if you exclude Djibouti and South Sudan) as being the Country with the highest prevalence of wasting (low weight for height)

See link below for article that shook me up bad!

Particularly Table 3.3 in the attached link below which is the table of WASTING PREVALENCE! (we are 128th out of 130)

On stunting prevalence we are 44th out of 132 (Table 3.2)
On under 5 overweight prevalence we are 2nd out of 126 meaning best, after North Korea! (Table 3.4) Why because our women breast feed longest!
Anaemia of women of reproductive age (Table 3.5) we are 98th out of 137.
Exclusive breast feeding rate (Table 3.6) we are the best, second only to Ruwanda! 2nd out of 141
Adult overweight and obesity prevalence (Table 3.7) We are 31 out of 190, with lowest number being least overweight Qataris being the fattest! God Bless them!
Adult diabetes prevalence (Table 3.9) we are 109 out of 190 with Tonga worst! Belgium being the least diabetic at No 1!

If you read my previous blog post today, it was done to bring to one’s attention, and begin a serious discussion, on our food intake. When I read this article I realized we have got it all wrong. Sadly, no one has pointed this bare fact in any fora for public consumption.

We may eat three times a day, but our citizens are relatively malnourished, why? Simply that they are NOT eating food that gives them nutrition that aids in permanent growth. We have to change our eating habits. Rice and Sugar is the biggest curse of our society, none of which adds to lasting weight, the former being totally useless or adding to diabetes epidemic, and the latter adding to the dangerous levels of Diabetes now prevalent.

Please await the Global Nutrition Report 2017 out on November 4th 2017 and at least communicate this to the people that we are about to disappear as a Country unless we take control of what we eat in this Paradise.

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