Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Youth Empowerment – gobbledygook of two newspapers! FT and Mirror! THE EDITORS OF THE TWO PAPERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE

Youth Empowerment – gobbledygook of two newspapers! FT and Mirror!

The same article though different versions appeared in the FT and Daily Mirror yesterday, 22nd April 2016. I attach the links to the two articles, one has the authors name in the Daily Mirror and the other in the FT does NOT! In the printed version of the FT however the authors names are also in the FT! However when one reads through both there are significant differences in the body of the articles, and it is possible that the FT article suffered severe Editorial changes, which necessitated the removal of the authors name. This is only speculative on my part.

What is particularly interesting is that the references to the Ministry of Finance is only in the FT article where it goes to say as follows about this Ministry:

“Its high-handed arrogance, inexperience, incapability and autocratic interpretations to suit its pettiness have created unprecedented issues for the Government. Could that lead to distrust, apathy and the destruction of the present Government?”

Please tell me how this ties into the National Youth Empowerment Policy!

The paragraph below appears in the Daily Mirror and NOT in the FT

“Due to numerous welfare schemes that had been in operation, Sri Lankans are by nature lazy. They need quick money and do not like hard-earned money. They prefer joining the public sector thinking that they could make ill-gotten money and take life easy to improve their living standards.”

In short both articles need a re-wording and change of subject matter, though both end up saying we need a Youth Empowerment Policy. I COMPLETELY disagree. We need to empower our youth, but not by a National Policy, but by educational practices, that relate the real world to the make believe world their parents appear to feed them with.

I sincerely request the Editors of both newspapers to read the articles as published in their papers and determine if the author was having a bad hair day or worse!

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