Monday, August 22, 2016

Ambulances and Emergency Response - Nationwide today, will save lives immediately

If proof was needed of our imbecilic Rulers and the Public Servants we had to wait for India to make the offer for us to accept or refuse an Ambulance Service.

Please read my blog entry here on April 6th 2013 on my simple suggestion for A NATIONWIDE EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM ALONG WITH THE USE OF THE 224 Ambulances received then, I don’t know if it was a grant or if we have paid for them. Tell me how many are now in service over three years later.

Please read it and see how far advanced the idea was and how practical and simple it was then to cover the Country. We are now covering just some areas in the Southern Province with 35 Ambulances given by the Indians! 

We are making such a song and dance about it and the Politicians are making hay about an idea that came from across the pond, when this idea was already incubated better than its current approach, but no one took it seriously. Why oh why do we always have to wait for foreigners to make the suggestions and come up with the money!

Of course I fault the GMOA who if they really believed in the Hippocratic Oath could have saved about 3,000 lives at least by now, but then we still have to teach these greedy traitors about the Oath they have purported to follow, and they do anything but! Foreign educated doctors now serve in the outstations, not local.

It was they who wanted to put the spanner in the works on this Indian project because the idea did not come from them. However I don’t think they have enough brain cells to come up with ideas that save money, for the Country, as they are so busy looking for ways to make money for themselves.

Read the article in the Sunday Observer this week which horrifies me that there are Ambulances just rotting when people are dying on the roads for the lack of them. Why is NO ONE IN AUTHORITY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT MAKING THIS A NATIONWIDE SERVICE IMMEDIATELY. It is not that we are short of ambulances surely. We have enough health service staff to be trained on ER.

Which then leads me to the other question, where the Doctors of Sri Lanka DO NOT want someone other than a Medical Practitioner to manage the Health Ministry. Every hospital in the west is managed by Hospital Administrators who are NOT doctors. They are better at it, and if we gave them the task of managing our health care, being cost conscious they would have had a nationwide ambulance service already! 

Doctors what have you got to say? I am sorry you guys are just no good! Its a crime we educated you free, you see, 

Good things are not FREE, and free things are NOT good, like you. 

To my SL Educated doctors reading this from the US, how about banding together and sending a bunch of ambulances and more importantly a team to run it in the way I recommended over three years ago. It will reduce the health care cost and rehabilitation cost immediately.  

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