Friday, August 12, 2016

The marriage made in heaven in now not even one of Convenience!

We who were involved in working very hard to overturn a ruthless, and lawless regime, where all wealth created were directed at the hands of a few, believed that when the YAHAPALANAYA govt. came to power, there would be a new beginning, a new DAWN if you will, which has failed to materialize.

Professor Razeen Sally outlines the factors that have taken place very succinctly in his article in the FT today, and is well worth reading, and I show the link here:

Frankly the state of the UNION is very distressing, and there are NO saving graces in the horizon, for us to believe things will improve.

I for my part, know we can get back on track, but that it involves, both the President and the Prime Minister agreeing on the terms of reference, and NOT indulge in petty political gimmickry that has resulted in them pulling the Country in different directions instead of the ONE PATH.

Then it is merely a matter of getting rid of the time wasters, and rogues and putting some professionals in about 10 key areas with the blessing of both leaders, and carry out the instructions, WITH THEIR AUTHORITY.

It is that simple. After all, why is it so difficult to run a Country with a population that is hardly bigger than Greater Chennai region in Southern India?

All it needs is a person who can implement the Government’s agenda, and be sufficiently strong to steam roll over the objections of politicians whose demands are merely to their small electoral following, as yours is to the demands of the body POLITIC or the WHOLE COUNTRY to be precise.

Unfortunately there are many people of that caliber, however the people surrounding the leaders DO NOT wish to give them passage, being concerned about their survival which could come under scrutiny, as it is not justified, upon close inspection, and the leaders will realize that they have actually been all this time, the reason why policy implementation has NOT begun.

I am expressing the frustration of all who hoped that we were finally on a road to our destiny that is our birthright, and we are so near to that but still so far! The catalyst of change has come and gone, and now it is the Tsunami that will come.

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