Friday, January 16, 2015

“Poetic Justice” in its true sense

Just a tad less than 4 years ago I was felled by the jeep carrying the security detail in the vehicle convoy of the Minister of Justice, in Minneriya just outside the Eastern Command HQ. My life as a farmer in the Polonnaruwa District, with a unique distinction of (not happened before or since in Sri Lanka) growing food in the Dry Zone and the Wet Zone and personally transporting and delivering to my customer base in Colombo of over 70 different food items on a weekly basis, came to an end!

See both and for details of these experiences.

In a few hours from now my boss, will take over his tasks at the Ministry of Defence as the new State Minister of Defence of Sri Lanka. I have, after the accident and recovery (still recovering) been working with Mr Ruwan Wijewardene MP as his coordinating secretary and as yet, I have not been offered or taken any position within the Ministry which he is just about to take charge of.

He has a very heavy duty in carrying out his tasks in a place that has during the last regime been accused of a myriad of sins, and in entering this hornet’s nest, one will have to tread with care in order to fulfill the expectations of the Nation that we have been entrusted in cleaning up the whole functioning of Government.

If called upon to assist, I will do my utmost to carry out the required duties to the best of my ability.

We have been presented with a very responsible task, and I am sure despite his youth and lack of experience, the Minister has what it takes in temperament, strength of character and personality to fulfill the duties entrusted.

There can be NO other person in Government today, who commands the full confidence of the main players in this drama, mainly the President, the Prime Minister, the former President CBK, and other party leaders all at the same time.

Let it be an example to others that anything can happen, and it has happened in Sri Lanka, where the unthinkable just a few months ago, has actually happened, and we trust for the benefit of our motherland. I wish to reiterate and remind the readers of my blog of the original objectives and intentions within it, which was to present ideas and suggestions for the improvement of the quality of life of those who live in this Country, and I have NOT merely restricted it to words, but to deeds as well!


Anonymous said...

the poetic justice will be when that hakeem bugger is held to account for running you down and then shirking responsibility, or delivering justice, while he sat as the minister of justice. he's on your side now and best buddies with the new president and prime minister, as he was with the old ones.

EFutures said...

People voted for a change and lets hope that it will happen sooner rather than later. Seems to be going okay so far but a lot more to do.

Jack Point said...

congratulations and best wishes towards transforming the ideals of the manifesto to reality.

Anonymous said...

Farmer - "one of the most respectful jobs in my opinion",now you've demoted yourself to become a politicien. Keep in mind please, now you will reap not only what you have sown but your associates as well!! Please remember what Mahatma Gandhi had said " Any government is a well organised gang of thieves". Good luck and courage.

Jack Point said...

Some idiots in the UNP are spoiling the party. Can you pass the link below to someone for stern action?

Jack Point said...

Sorry, wrong link:

Anonymous said...

When will we start seeing the money launderers, drug peddlers, alcohol pushers, casino kings, inside traders, and thugs start to fall? The public actually voted against them, not MR. By now they have scurried for their lives and evidence is quickly disappearing. they are getting harder to prosecute. Will they walk free withtheirillgotten gains like those of old who are today's Titans of industry? Will we be hailing them as leaders and offering our daughters to their sons in the next generation?

Liberal One said...

Truly sorry about what happened to you. Recover soon!

You repeated mentioned that the previous government cooked up stats. But the first monetary board meeting of the new government acknowledged that the inflation is at an all time low and interest rates doesn't have to be increased. I won't press you on this as I now fully understand what prompted you to propagate all the lies and rumors.