Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finally let us wish all Raputins are finally laid to rest – Astrology in Politics!

I have been approached by some significant Astrologers to request publication of their analyses of and predictions for the Presidential Election to counter the President’s astrologer’s influence on this subject in the local press.

It was apparent that there are opposite points of view of astrologers, and if this is a science then it is simply based in falsity, and if it is an art it is merely just a work of ART fiction, and figments of our imaginations in believing what we do. In a country obsessed with horoscopes especially in choosing one’s life partners, which have NOT shown any consistency in predicting marital bliss, what hope MUST a country have with astrologers predicting the Country’s outcome, as well as significant milestones such as elections, which obviously affect the destiny of the Nation and with that its People.

The New York Times article today is just about the fate of Sumanadasa Abeygunewardena, the President’s astrologer who has held sway over the timing of national events affecting all 20M who live here.

It is a lesson again for us NOT to be dependent on astrologers in how we live our lives, and in my experience it is a significant barrier to a fruitful and fulfilling and therefore satisfying life!!!!!

I hope the lessons we learn from this episode will be a defining moment over the reliance of astrology over events, and put a permanent damper in making predictions based on our favorite soothsayers’ interpretations.

I always tell people who are obsessed by this, that we as a country have NOT been any more successful than those that DO NOT for a moment use the influence of the STARS to determine the future of a nation, its elections and timing of activity, or even for that matter the moment a particular event is opened, inaugurated by laying a foundation stone or lighting an oil lamp.

So once and for all, let us just use this Astrology as a play thing for amusement, blame when something bad happens! Just tell me when something good happens do we ever give credit to our stars that it was the right time for us? Answer that question and then you have the answer to our fears being managed not our rewards.   

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Anonymous said...

It's not over yet. The astrologer still could be right! We will find out soon... Then again your blog predictions at times have proven to be outlandish also. What was the rupee exchange rate supposed to be by now?