Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Now the wait to the finish line!! What is in store for the Country?

I must confess I am biased and I have been waiting eagerly for a change since 2009, when I felt that victory of President Rajapaksa was about the past and had nothing to do with the future. Events have proved my hypotheses, but then the Choice, was between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, I don’t think a Sarath Fonseka administration would have been able to deliver, unless Sarath Fonseka himself had most of his Presidential powers clipped had he been elected.

It is a shame that the allure of victory, and in his inebriated state, he was unable to wean himself for all these years, that resulted in the abolition of the 17th, and replacing it with the 18th and then the arrogance of seeking re-election two years prematurely, only because he thought it was the only method for another 8 years, deserves to be clearly and unquestioningly and more important prevented forever!

In this very busy world with massive technological changes, it is actually quite unnecessary to be in charge of any Country, even at a much less level of power for over 8 years or two terms, and when the whole world sees that reality, when we have really have people who wish to re-write history, you know something is seriously wrong with their heads. No one wants people who have that disease to lead them.

The few who do can be excused for not having read history, and studied human kind and human nature, no matter what type of policy you wish to adopt. This is what explains how such a polyglot of humanity, with hardly anything else in common were able to rally behind ONE COMMON PRINCIPLE, and that it is unhealthy for one individual to contest an election for more than two terms. I personally hope they will go further and ensure each term does not exceed 4 years and if we reduce the Executive powers of a President, we could even restore Parliamentary democracy, where other than for the Presidential Elections, ALL OTHER elections are held on one day say every 5 years, for local govt. provincial councils, if they still exist, and to the National Parliament.

The waste of time and energy, that I have witnessed in the 20+ elections, we have had in the last 4 years, is simply unacceptable, as so much could have been done with that wasted resource.    

Whew in a few more days, people will be saying why it took so much time and waste of resources to wait till 8th January 2015 to make this change, and that we OWED our people this change long ago. At least be content with the phrase, better late than never, and better now than later, and make this change work for the Country. 

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